5 Expert Tips for Choosing a SUP Paddle 

It is insensible to buy a high-quality SUP board and settle for a cheap paddle. This is equivalent to putting cheaper tires on a high-performance sports car. The power for paddle boarding is generated by the paddle. Hence, a mediocre paddle will ruin your experience. Thus, it is important to invest in a good paddle. Listed below are expert tips for choosing a SUP paddle.

Blade size 

Manufacturers create stand up paddles with different blade sizes. Paddlers must choose a blade that is perfect for them. The larger blades are suitable for speed. They are great for professional paddle boarding. Beginners and inexperienced paddlers always settle for smaller blades. That is because it is gentle and slow for them. Small blades are recommended for women, children and injured persons.


Paddles are made of different materials. The materials used for making paddles include fiberglass, wood, carbon fiber, aluminum, and plastic. These materials affect the performance and durability of the paddle. Most people prefer wood paddles for SUP boards. That is because wood is beautiful and durable. Pick a paddle with a preferable material for you.


While shopping, check the length of the paddle before buying it. Consider your height when choosing. Paddles are measured during manufacturing for people with a specific height. That is because a shorter person cannot use a long paddle properly. He/she will get tired faster when raising it high. A taller person using a shorter paddle is likely to have back pains. To reach the water, he/she is forced to bend.


An average paddler would make approximately 1500 strokes within an hour. Thus, it is apparent that paddling affects the hands. Hence, it is essential to consider the comfort of your hands while holding the paddle. If the stand up paddle causes discomfort in your hands, avoid it. That discomfort will ruin your paddle boarding experience. It can cause you to lose in a paddle boarding competition.


Every paddle-stroke on the water will move the SUP boards. The paddle’s weight will affect the paddling power of its user. Chances are high that you will be paddle boarding for a longer time. If your paddle if weighty, you will get be fatigued faster. The heavy paddle will ruin the excitement of this sport. It is advisable to buy a lighter paddle. If you do not have strong arms, avoid the heavier aluminum paddles.

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