A lot of people are fascinated by the world of gambling and ever since the advent of online casinos that fascination has only increased. The world of gambling has opened to more people and now more than ever people are excited about the prospects of online gambling. Here are some interesting facts related to the world of online gambling.


The country of Cyprus has the highest per capital gambling spending. The country only has about 800 thousand population but spend on average about 2.5 million euros which equates to about 3125 euros per person spent in an year. The biggest win ever in online gambling was to be paid to a newcomer from Helsinki who in just within 30min amassed over 18 million euros. The money was paid by PAF gambling website in Finland. Online Roulette is also called the devil’s game as the total number on the slot equals 666 although this has no effect on the actual game of course.


If we are to go by numbers, then according to statistics people over the age of 30 spend most of their time and money on online gambling. On average a person spends between 3-5 hours on gambling. While younger people on the other hand spend most of their time on other forms of entertainment not involving money. Another interesting thing to note is that most of the people taking part in online gambling are men. Men constitute about 84% of the players. Although the share of women has been increasing rapidly. It is also interesting to note that 11% of the internet users in the world take part in online gambling.


A lot of online casinos also provide new players with an option to play with no money such online TrueBlue casino, as an introductory plan to get the customer invested enough so they put in their own money. Online casinos also provide lotteries and around 55% of the total income generated by players is through lotteries which shows that compared to other games lotteries are the most popular service. It is estimated that one in every 4 individuals on this planet has taken part in at least lottery.


Casinos are both legal and illegal at the same time. For someone living in Finland online gambling might be legal while at the same time the same website might be illegal in India. Even the age restrictions are greatly varied. In some countries the legal age to take part in online gambling is 15 while in some it is 24.


There are no effective winning strategies when it comes to online lotteries. There are hundreds of websites which offer the best and the most secret strategy for winning in lotteries. But many mathematicians including Albert Einstein once proved that there is no way to calculate the fallout of number is roulette. Therefore, it can be said that all those pages on the internet have to practical confirmation.

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