5 services offered by a professional Fredericksburg cleaning company

A professional Fredericksburg cleaning company relieves you of the difficult task of cleaning your house and its surroundings while offering you peace of mind and the guarantee that everything will look as new. It will not only save you precious time but money as well since you can be sure that nothing will have to be redone. Also, you won’t have to buy any supplies since the highly-trained experts will bring them when arriving at your door.

Without further ado, let’s see what are the 5 services offered by a professional Fredericksburg cleaning company:

  1. Residential cleaning. Also known as maid service, this involves vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning all pieces of furniture and surfaces in your house. Whether you want to rent or sell your property, or simply do general cleaning, a professional team of experts will assist you. HBSOnTime.com (Home & Business Services), a family-owned business operating since 2013, offers irreproachable Fredericksburg cleaning services, making every area of your house “look better, smell better, and feel better”.

  1. Commercial cleaning. They also offer commercial cleaning, which means making your office and other working areas shine like the first time you opened them. These Fredericksburg cleaning agents make sure they don’t only satisfy the manager, but the employees and clients as well. Their work varies from mopping the floor and wiping offices to cleaning the toilets and refilling the soap dispensers.
  1. Window cleaning. Windows are quite difficult to clean without leaving traces or stains. They also need specific cleaning products for the best results. Only a team of Fredericksburg cleaning professionals knows what to use for an impeccable outcome. Furthermore, some people might be afraid of heights and feel uncomfortable when they have to climb a tall ladder to clean the windows inside or outside their home or office. This is another reason you should opt for the expert approach.
  1. Carpet cleaning. Carpets are one of the most prone to dirt furnishings since they are stepped on every day and their material holds dust and other harmful particles. This is not only unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view but also potentially dangerous, especially if members of your family have allergies. The company offering Fredericksburg cleaning services will use a special method, called hot water extraction or steam cleaning, to thoroughly clean your carpets.
  1. Air duct cleaning. Last but not least, Fredericksburg cleaning experts will use HEPA (high-efficiency particle air) vacuuming equipment, with multi filtration levels, to make sure the particles inside the air ducts are encapsulated without cycling them back inside of your home. Dirty air ducts are not only a potential source of dust, they can also represent a serious fire hazard if they get clogged. In these conditions, it’s better to be safe than sorry and to act before it’s too late. Whether you need residential, commercial, window, carpet, or air duct cleaning in Fredericksburg, all you have to do is contact Home & Business Services, and they will arrive at your place in no time.
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