5 Signs It’s Time to Visit a Pain Clinic in Houston for Headache

Are you having severe headaches constantly? If yes, then you should take steps to control it. Headaches can be debilitating and chronic, which can ruin your lifestyle. They can also indicate any underlying health disorder that demands attention. Houston pain clinics can identify the exact cause of your headache. 

But when is the right to visit a pain clinic for your headache? When you see the signs below:

  • You Don’t Get Relief from Headache Even After Taking OTC Pain Relievers

Headaches are of different types and thus need different treatments. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are medicines that can relieve your tension headache but can’t cure migraine or cluster headaches. The pain management specialist in Houston can identify the type of headache you are having and suggest the right way to prevent it. 

  • You Can’t Sleep or Work Peacefully Because of Headache

Headache disturbs sleep, work, and ultimately, your lifestyle. Lack of sleep causes stress and frequent headaches that keep disrupting your activities. You can’t easily eliminate the stressors that cause headaches. However, a doctor can suggest stress-relieving activities, deep breathing, and other healthy habits that can reduce headaches.

  • You Can’t Identify the Trigger of Frequent Headaches

Headache triggers aren’t noticeable, and thus, you should visit a pain clinic where an expert can identify the cause. Tension, migraine, and cluster headaches are primary headaches. While a secondary headache is the outcome of inherent health issues. Even vitamin deficiencies, like Vitamin D deficiency, may cause headaches. You need to do blood work to identify such deficiencies. 

  • Your Headaches Occur More Often or Get More Severe

You should visit a pain management expert about worsening headaches as they indicate something more critical. A headache may cause numerous health disorders, such as high blood pressure and deadly disease. Don’t delay in consulting a doctor if you experience frequent severe headaches. 

  • You Require Help

Home remedies and pain relievers aren’t enough to get rid of your headache. Long-term use of the wrong medicines may also trigger headaches, known as “rebound headaches.” A neurologist can suggest the right medicines to cure your migraine. Cluster headaches also require a neurologist’s expertise. 

The Bottomline

Are you experiencing or seeing any of the signs above?  If yes, visit a pain clinic in Houston right away. The best pain management specialist can identify the triggers of your headache and treat it accordingly. 

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