A Brief Guide to Vooner Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Generally, we can easily use liquid ring vacuum pumps as a form of a gas compressor that will allow you to use pressures that are above the atmosphere with an idea to displace it further.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is a rotating positive displacement pump that can efficiently compress gases, making it a highly versatile tool.

When it comes to function, they are similar to rotary vane pumps. However, the differences are in achieving maintenance-free and reliable operation.

You should know that a liquid ring vacuum pump features a rotor as the essential moving component responsible for the process. You will not have metal-to-metal connections, lack-sliding vanes, valves, and you do not need to lubricate it with oil.

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The water is responsible for sealing, while it is also useful for compressing the air within the pumping chamber. Remember that compression will not cause the temperature rise, which means that it is isothermal.

Besides, you can enjoy the low noise without using silences, relaxed and safe operation, and what is most important, lack of vibration during the operation.

How Do They Work?

Similarly, as the name suggests, it requires some liquid, in most cases, water as the sealant. Besides, it achieves a compressor once you start the pump, and it creates a vacuum inside.

Before you start it up, you need to place the liquid sealant inside. Throughout the process, some of it will be discharged as you are pumping the gas. Therefore, you should replenish the same amount of liquid and place it inside the pump to let everything cool down.

Everything depends on the particular application, but you can use various types of sealants, most commonly water, oil, solvent, or other liquids. As soon as you start the pump, the sealant will combine with the impeller that uses centrifugal force to suck the gases inside.

The impeller is an essential component found within the cylindrical casing because some blades are entirely submerged, while others do not feature a liquid ring. The gas enters between the impeller, impeller hub, and liquid, which create a vacuum within.

Remember that as soon as the impeller starts to rotate, the liquid will start to get out from the center hub, while the gas will go in.

After prolonged rotation, blades will go deeper inside the ring. At the same time, the pistons or impeller cells will compress the gas until you discharge it by using the specific port designed particularly for it.

This particular action tends to create a liquid ring suction that will draw the vapors and gases that will pass throughout the inlet port.

As a result, you will get compression of gasses, while the portion of liquids and gases will get outside through the discharge port by using atmospheric pressure.

You probably know that some liquid sealants go out the same way as gases; you will have to input and replenish the liquid inside soon after finishing with the process. That way, while using vacuum pump by Vooner you will reach the cooling mode in no time.

Advantages of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Nowadays, you can use this type of vacuum pump for numerous applications depending on the industry you are operating. Since the water is the most common choice of the liquid, the main problem lies in the expenses you will make afterward.

Simultaneously, more and more companies choose this type of vacuum pump because it operates with other efficiencies, even in tough environments. You will be able to enjoy significant productivity along the way.

Like any other type of pump that you can find on the marketplace, you can find various design solutions for liquid ring vacuum pumps. We can differentiate three types that you should consider, including:

  • The Once-Through System – This one is useful, but it will seal the liquid when it enters. As a result, the pump will move it to the separator vessel, and you will be able to separate the liquid from gas and vice versa. In the next step, the liquid will get out of the device, and you will not get recirculation as other types. The benefit of this particular system is the affordable price tag, but you will not handle heavy-duty assignments, which is something you should remember before you make up your mind.
  • Partial Recirculation System – Since the once-through system will lose the water after you compress the gases inside, this particular one features a separator that will discharge an amount of the liquid, while the other one will recirculate. As a result, you will need more water for the process of recirculation. Everything depends on the type of application and the amount you place inside initially. Even though they tend to feature more complex processes than once-through systems, you do not have to pay a more significant price tag to get it. At the same time, you will need less sealing liquid, which means that if you need it for something that requires a high amount of seal-liquid conservation, this is the best solution for your needs.
  • Complete Recirculation System – Finally, you can choose a type with a complete system of recirculation, which will require less water than other types. They are perfect in case you wish to compress high levels of gas or vapor.

Numerous industries across the globe are using these particular pumps, making them the first choice for most of them.

The best thing about them is the inability to lubricate it the same way to other types, which means that you can rest assured and use it for a long time without maintenance.

Apart from that, you will be able to use them for numerous applications, including vacuum and compression jobs.

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Since they can easily compress and handle gas, you can use them for ash handling and air, vacuum distillation and condensation, and humidity and moisture extraction.

Remember that they are perfect for separating water from paper pulp and mineral beneficiation. You can see numerous brands on the market, and the choice depends on your needs and preferences.

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