A Guide To Plan Your Next Field Trip

A great field trip leaves a lasting impression in the minds of every student, parent, and teacher who attends. No matter where you reside, many amazing destinations provide the chance to get kids interested in learning by providing them with hands-on information. But, planning a field trip is in and of itself a challenge, especially for the inexperienced task older. Follow the steps below to plan a successful field trip for your classroom.

Choose a Destination

Before you can enjoy a field trip, you must first choose a destination. Choose something that is within close proximity to your school so there is more time to enjoy the fun at the destination. Whatever destination you select for the field trip, ensure that it is one that can both educate and entertain the students who attend. The goal of a field trip is to do such and when you’re successful at this endeavor, students gain knowledge and memories they’ll take with them that may also improve their attitude about learning, education, schools, and even their teachers.

Get Approval

After choosing a field trip destination, you must get approval from the school or church administrator. Getting approval for a field trip is usually quite simple so long as the destination is appropriate for kids and offers educational value. However, approval may take several days. Administrators also help arrange the budget for the trip, determine student/parent fees, ask for discounts, parental fliers to send home with students, etc.

Arrange Charter Bus Service

Affordably priced transportation includes a chauffeur who transports your group short or long-distances. Charter bus service is available 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. Several bus styles and sizes ensure every group arrives at their destination relaxed, comfortable, and ready for fun. Using bus service eliminates many potential problems during a field trip and improves safety for everyone in the group. Compare providers by requesting free estimates available from each company upon request. With a few comparisons and a bit of research, finding the best-priced provider is simple.

Plan a Schedule

It is important to accurately schedule the day’s events during a field trip. You should plan time for lunch and ensure arrival back at the school in time for student pick-ups and departures at the end of the day or at a convenient time if an overnight or extended trip. Plan for potential delays as well. Determine how long you can spend at each activity, where you’ll eat lunch if there will be free time for the students, etc. during the field trip planning process.


Volunteers are an important part of every field trip. Parents are the preferred volunteers/chaperones for most field trips. Send emails or slips home to parents requesting volunteers for the event. You should plan to invite along at least three-four volunteers. If more parents wish to attend and the room is available, by all means, bring them along to share in the experience and the fun.

Planning a great field trip can change the entire dynamics of your classroom and the education that students receive in return. Plan at least one died trip for the school year and more if possible. Use the information above and planning this event is simple. Field trips offer the chance to teach, learn and build a rapport with your students that will elevate them in the future. Now it’s time to plan the unforgettable field trip for your classroom!

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