A Hairstylist Tool Guide to Doing Their Job Correctly and Safely

A hairstylist’s job involves more than cutting hair. It also includes styling hair, shampooing hair, and giving scalp massages. Hairstylists also need to be familiar with the products they use and how to use them safely – this is on top of making sure customers feel relaxed, comfortable, and, of course, happy while they’re in the salon.

With so many to-dos, a hairdresser needs to have the right things to help them do their jobs correctly and safely:

  1. Various Hairstyling Tools

One of the most popular hairstylist tools is the scissors, and there are many types of them:

  • Swivel Shears:  These ergonomic scissors have a swivel thumb hole, which helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue.
  • Thinning Shears:  Thinning shears are designed to thin hair by removing excess bulk. They have a textured blade that helps remove more hair with each cut.
  • Texturizing Shears: Similar to thinning shears, they possess a more blunted edge that allows for a more dramatic cut.
  • Straight Shears: They are also known as “barber” shears. They are very sharp and used for basic cutting or tapering. They are generally six to eight inches long with either an offset handle or a straight design.

Some hairstylists also use other tools like:

  • Clipper: Another common and versatile hairstyling tool is the clipper. Clippers come in cordless, rechargeable, and battery-operated styles with different blade sizes for varying hair lengths.
  • Razor: Razors are used to shave hair close to the skin and give a clean, blunt edge.
  • Combs: Combs come in many sizes and shapes and are used to section hair while styling or cutting it.
  • Hairdryer: A blow-dryer is an electric device that blows air over hot metal coils to produce hot air.
  • Hot rollers: Hot rollers are heated cylinders that, when rolled in hair, leave a temporary curl pattern.
  • Curling iron: Curling irons come in many shapes and sizes and produce different-sized curls on various sections of hair.
  1. Apron

Stylists usually wear an apron to protect their clothes from chemicals, dyes, stains, and creams. A hairstylist’s apron is similar to an artist’s smock. It has many pockets for holding combs and brushes as they work.

The most common material used for aprons is canvas because of its durability. Others use cotton, denim, and twill, which often come with a protective varnish-like coating to keep them looking new. Some wear plastic aprons since they are inexpensive and easy to clean. However, plastic is not ideal because it tends to be slippery when wet or dry and can pose a safety hazard when styling hair.

  1. Hairnets and Headbands

While styling or cutting hair, hairstylists need to keep their hair out of their faces. This is why they often wear hairnets or headbands.

Hairnets are made from nylon or polyester and fit snugly around the head to keep hair contained. Some hairstylists use small headbands that fit closely around their foreheads and ears to keep stray hairs in place while they work.

  1. Gloves

Stylists often wear disposable or reusable gloves when applying creams and chemicals to hair because they can be very irritating if they get into the hand and nails. For example, ammonia and peroxide can cause pain and burns if they come into contact with the skin or nails. Also, creams and sprays used to hold the hair in place can damage manicures and nails.

  1. Face Shields and Masks

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, hairdressers need to wear face masks and shields. According to the CDC guidelines, these supplies protect both the stylist and the client from aerosol droplets that can cause viral infection when inhaled. Interestingly, these tools can also reduce their exposure to chemicals they use in their trade.

Face masks are available in different kinds. Some are made from cloth, and others are surgical masks. They come in different shapes and sizes, some with straps to keep them in place.

Face shields are transparent pieces of plastic that cover the entire face. They have an elastic band that goes around the head to keep them in place.

  1. Salon Capes

Salon capes are large rectangular pieces of cloth with a hole in the center that can be easily draped over clients’ shoulders. Their purpose is to protect the customer’s clothing from hair products, dyes, and chemicals. They are usually made from lightweight cotton or polyester fabric and come in various colors and designs.

The salon experience should be pleasant not only for the customers but also for the hairstylist. With the right tools, they can feel confident while doing their job and keep their clients safe and looking beautiful.

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