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Augmented reality tools are broadly split into three primary groups including AR 3D viewers where users place 3D models within the atmosphere without or with using trackers. The second is AR browser that enriches camera display with contextual information, for instance, it’s possible to learn about history or believed worth of a structure just by pointing around the smartphone. The 3rd one which top augmented reality companies in India come with an AR experience would be to create immersive gaming which utilises actual surroundings like a bed room or other place.

In line with the kinds of AR development, many different types of best Augmented Reality companies are available for varied services. A few of the known Augmented Reality technology companies include AR product and game companies who develop book or games for retailing and purchasers purpose for consumers, another kind is AR platform companies who build and market their very own products as well as render custom services sidewise. Edge in the game using a strong foundation and toolbox and enables experienced software developers for their services to produce advanced AR solutions for other AR companies. The 3rd category involves Universal AR viewers and Self-service AR companies using self-service tools and technical expertise to check and make simple videos or animations.

This will work for students, educators, publishers who are able to create AR via economical ways and without complete branded application. Another category for augmented reality companies is custom branded application development firms who work directly with agencies and brand marketers to produce custom AR solutions for industry events, advertisements and live occasions. It’s a huge platform to construct AR solutions which include 3D modelling, ecommerce platform or software services integration, game development, complex animations, notifications plus much more. The ultimate group of Augmented reality services supplying companies is industry specific vertical companies who offer AR methods to serve varied business verticals for example medical, industrial, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

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