How long does it take to learn guitar?

A lot of people have this question before they take up guitar lessons. Even though it takes quite a long time to ace the instrument flawlessly, but you can figure out the basics and to play certain tunes, especially your favourite songs in a particular frame of time.

Today we will try to answer this rather interesting question that how much time does it take to learn guitar.

As a beginner your teacher will show you how to play basic notes in different forms and ways. During the first three months you will be introduced to the instrument and you can begin playing on your guitar. It is difficult to play and hit the correct chords, however if you practice regularly you can most definitely ace those difficult chords. Make sure to practice 1-2 hours consistently. If you practice more than at that point you can get similar outcomes a lot quicker.

After three months you will be through with your basics, and you will be able to assess your limitations and strengths.  At this stage you would be playing your chords flawlessly. You shall then move onto playing more complex ways of playing chords. Chords C, D and E are the open chords which are used in a wide variety of songs. In this phase your complete focus should be on mastering these complex chords. This will expand your horizon and ability to play an array of songs instead of just handful of tunes. It will take another two to three months to master these open chords with similar discipline of practice every day as mentioned in the previous phase.

In your fifth or sixth month, you will feel confident with your guitar and playing. This is the stage where you gain trust in your abilities. You probably won’t play like a Rockstar yet you will be confident enough to play before a crowd. In this stage you will be introduced with some other complex and open chords, for example, F, Dm and Bb. This is a difficult stage and it takes longer than expected to finish. Success of this stage relies upon various factors, like, your consistency with your guitar lessons and how intrigued you actually are to learn new and complex chords. Many individuals who begin to learn playing the guitar give up at this stage. But nothing is impossible if you have dedication and courage.

When you complete around 8-10 months in your guitar lessons, you can start playing in front of an audience to test and assess your skill set. You can always continue with your guitar lessons as there is still a ton of things that you can learn on your guitar. Guitar is an exceptionally beautiful instrument with a very wide range. What amount of time will it require for you to learn depends on what amount of time do you want to invest in exploring this instrument.

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