How to Prepare Your Home Before Building a New Deck

Sydney is the perfect place to be in for outdoor lovers. The city has a temperate humid subtropical climate, which means warm to hot summers and cool winters. Because of this, the state capital of New South Wales is often visited by anyone who wants to enjoy the fresh air. They would go to some of the most popular parks and open spaces like the Royal Botanic Garden and Sydney Park. They would also spend time on one of the pristine beaches along the city’s coastlines, including the world-famous Bondi Beach.

Aside from exploring the outdoors, Sydneysiders also love to hang out in the open spaces in their homes. They would host barbecue parties in the backyards or enjoy their favourite drinks in their lawns. For this reason, plenty of homes in the city choose to build a deck in their property. They would call deck builders in Sydney to help them construct a stable deck in their vacant lot.

If you are thinking about building a deck in your area, you must learn how to prepare your home for the upcoming construction. Here are some of the necessary preparations that you need to do before the building process begins.

Understand The City’s Building Regulations 

In Sydney and other cities in the NSW, installing decks, balconies, terraces, pergolas, and verandahs do not require approval from the state government as long as the building proposal meets the State Environmental Planning Policy 2008. It means that the planned construction must be placed at the back of the building line of all road frontage and must not exceed over 25 square metres of total area.

The state regulation also includes that the deck must be placed on a bushfire prone land. It must also be less than five metres away from your house if the deck builders in Sydney construct it using non-combustible construction materials.

Prepare The Deck Site 

After complying with the state rules, you need to begin the preparation for building your home’s new deck. You may call all your utility providers like the water, phone and cable TV companies to inform them about your deck construction plans. You may prompt them to mark the areas with underground cables, pipes, or wires, so the builders will know which parts to avoid during the construction.

Once the plan has been finalised, you must begin to put aside or remove any possible obstructions like potted plants, trees, or outbuildings that are not included in the deck’s design. You must also lay the groundwork of the soil using landscaping fabric. Ideally, you need to place at least three inches of granola stone on top of the fabric and in the areas against the deck’s piers.

As soon as the preparations for the construction of your new deck is finally underway and the foundation for the outdoor area is already poured and waiting to cure, the deck-building must proceed in an organised manner. After all the foundation has been laid out, the construction of railings, stairs, and the other ancillary striations are expected to take place.

Having a new deck at home could allow you and your family to enjoy more time outside. It is the best place for you to enjoy more bonding time while breathing fresh air and surrounded by the beauty of the Sydney surroundings. You only need to find a reputable deck builder to ensure that the structure will last for years.

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