How To Sell Tickets For An Event Online

Wondering how to sell tickets for an event online? Well, you have come to the right place. We know how to help! Read on to see the easiest way to sell tickets online.

You’ll Need A Ticketing System

The first thing you will need, well besides an event, is a ticketing system. A ticketing platform is what allows you to create and manage your tickets. You can do things like:

  • Create multiple event calendars
  • Create customizable tickets
  • Create time slots
  • View buyer information
  • Issue refunds
  • Create coupons

The ticketing system is the first key ingredient to start selling tickets online. There are many out there, but we suggest taking the time to look at all your options before going with the more popular ones. This is because popular platforms like Eventbrite, are not always the best option for small event-holders.

We highly recommend TicketsCandy due to its ability to support both big and small events.

You’ll Also Need A Merchant Account

After you find the best ticketing platform for your event, you will need a merchant account to hook up to it. A merchant account is what processes customer payments, so it is a vital ingredient to successfully selling tickets for an event.

Many ticketing systems offer deals if you choose the merchant provider they partner with. So be sure to look at your ticketing systems website thoroughly to see if you can get a discount or credits towards your account if you use a certain provider.

Don’t Forget A Good Website

Once you have your system and your merchant account set up, you will need a good website for the ticketing widget to live within. Having an easy navigational website with good load times supremely increases your chances of closing a ticket sale. If customers have to wait for a long time or can’t find where to actually buy the tickets, they may give up and not go to your event.

It is also important that your website is SEO optimized so that customers can find it in the first place. The best way to go about this is to have a website developer custom code you a premium website from scratch. An affordable option for small event holders would be to have Atavion build their website for them.

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