Local SEO: why your site should have a store locator

A store locater is a business website feature that has multiple locations. The locator allows site visitors to find your business’ locations closest to a particular area. The tool offers a host of benefits, including increasing sales and making your store functions more efficient.

Here are eight reasons your site should have a store locator.

1. It helps increase sales

Having a store locator will potentially increase your sales by guiding users directly to your products. A reliable store locator provides customers with all the information they require to find the closest store to their address.

The information increases their possibility of visiting and purchasing from the store. Additionally, a store locator makes the search short and eliminates possible frustrations of finding a store.

2. Increase web traffic to your site

Before prospects locate your store, they will have visited your website first. Your website will then gain traffic, which then provides your business with measurable results for tracking.

3. Enhances your search visibility and rankings

Local SEO helps your site be more visible on local search engine results. Only businesses with physical locations can benefit from local SEO. Therefore, as a digital marketer, you must feature a store locator on your site for more visibility to potential customers.

4. It is time-efficient and cost-effective for both you and clients

For most customers, time and product cost are the prime factors in buying a product. A store finder efficiently solves this hitch by providing all product information and directing customers to a store nearest to them.

The finder saves customers from spending their time to call and make inquiries. Instead, the feature assumes a staff’s role of taking calls to pinpoint customers to your store within their proximity. Even better, the finder can answer customer questions at all hours of the day.

A site owner benefits from all these operations at very low costs.

5. It makes your store functions more efficient

Physical stores can only host a limited number of customers at once. A store locator offers the possibility of fast inventory updates and can enhance physical store functions by being featured on the site. Customers can then make reservations for items online before visiting your store.

You will have reduced overcrowding in your store to a great extent.

6. It increases your brand’s credibility

As mentioned before, a store locator serves to direct customers to your stores’ physical locations. This makes your business more believable and trusted by customers.

7. It helps in business research

A store locator gathers information each time a customer uses the feature. The information is noted by the system log files and can later be used to analyze consumers’ needs. The information includes the date, time, and postal addresses of the customers.

Final thoughts

Featuring a store locator to your site helps customers quickly find your store closest to them. The finder also increases traffic to your site, potentially boosting your sales, amongst other benefits. If your website doesn’t have a store locator, you should consider having one.

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