Marijuana Wax: A Complete Guide

People that consume cannabis products are often looking for new ways that they can enjoy a better dose. Dabbing or using marijuana wax has become a popular choice for many people that have a higher tolerance for cannabis products. Dabbing is a process that involves vaporizing concentrates of marijuana and is very different than smoking a traditional dried flower in a pipe or rolling paper. Wax is a popular marijuana concentrate and today we will be covering some of the basics:

Marijuana wax explained:

Marijuana blacks is a Hash oil concentrate is produced using a butane hash oil extraction. Wax in its final form resembles candle wax or thick honey. What makes marijuana wax so special is it’s extremely concentrated. While traditional forms of dried flower can contain around 20% THC at a very high strain, wax contains much higher percentages of THC than traditional marijuana. Some high-grade wax can contain 80% or more THC.

Producing wax:

Wax is often produced by packing a series of marijuana buds in a pipe and then heating them up with butane or lighter fluid to force out the THC. The butane evaporates and the oily concentrate or oil extracts the THC.

There are some ways that you can produce this product at home but it’s usually best to consider acquiring it from a dispensary so that you can get verified results and a high-grade THC wax that will contain a consistent potency. The process of producing wax can also be somewhat dangerous if you are not removing some of the impurities throughout the extraction process. Using professionally extracted wax is usually the best course of action if you want to have consistent results and a better product.

Even though wax is much more expensive than dried flowers, it will produce some of the best results for people that have an increased tolerance to marijuana.

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