Planning Funeral For A Family Member: Tips To Get Things Right

Death is unpredictable. Close friends and family members of the deceased would like to take this time to mourn and grieve, but it is also important at this stage to plan a respectful funeral. Let’s get practical here – planning a funeral is complicated. A traditional funeral or wake can be an expensive affair, but you would want to ensure that everything is done right, so that the lost soul gets the rites and rituals they deserve. Once you have the death certificate, the next step is to contact a Singapore funeral home to get things done. In this post, we are sharing some of the relevant details that matter for planning a funeral for someone in the family.

Consider the deceased’s wishes and beliefs

That’s the foremost thing that people need to consider and are often ignorant about. For instance, if the deceased was someone who never really cared about religion or traditional beliefs, you should consider a simple funeral, like what would be done for a free thinker. On the other hand, it is necessary to ask people close to the person, if he/she had a wish that must be honoured.

Contact a professional funeral service

Most funeral homes have ready packages that cover for everything that family members might be looking for. From the actual selection of location for burial, to choosing the casket and floral arrangements to hiring photographers and morticians, these services will help with everything that must be managed for completing the funeral. The good news is these packages are pretty comprehensive, and in a way, you are getting all the assistance and services for a fixed price, which allows you to save money too.

Be respectful

Funerals are expensive, but money is not the first thing you must consider while planning a funeral for someone you love. Being respectful is critical, and in some cases, this may mean spending more than expected. We also recommend that you make choices that’s great for the environment. For instance, you can get a casket that’s made of natural materials like bamboo or willow, or you ask the attendees to offer a donation for charities instead of bringing in flowers.

If you can keep an eye on some of the basics, planning a funeral doesn’t have to be complicated. Just ensure that you rely on professionals when possible, so that you don’t have to manage everything from scratch.

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