Production of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Right now, sources of energy still become the issues faced by many countries in the world. They are trying to get the sources that will be able to provide them better stability in term of the energy. This is very important since this will become the fuel to power the electricity power plants and supply the country with sufficient electricity for the whole sectors. Then, the energy is needed for transportation and other sectors of life. On the other hands, there are issues of global warming due to the pollution coming from the emissions of carbon dioxide.

So far, liquefied natural gas (LNG) becomes the power sources that can solve the solution. This works better than coals and other fossil fuels in term of its emission and population. This can reduce the world’s population of carbon dioxide once many countries start using the LNG as the power sources. This does not emit serious issues of pollution since LNG basically consists of methane. This is the most basic form of hydrocarbon, and it is very different from the common fuels. Moreover, many countries start to find that there are large sources of LNG, so it is potential as the better and safer power sources. In term of power efficiency, LNG is considered beneficial since it may be more effective in term of its power consumption. The power generated by using the natural gas can bring more output with less volume

Basically, LNG is also much safer compared to the other fossil fuels. Compared to the gasoline that can be burnt easily due to the temperature issues, the natural gas will not be burnt easily. There is certain condition that makes the problem appears, but it is very rare for the gas to meet the condition. At least, the gas should be around 5% to 15% in comparison to the whole gas existing in certain room that can make it burnt. When it is below 5% or over 15%, the gas will not cause explosion due to the lack of oxygen that may trigger the problems. This is how the LNG becomes the solution for future of power sources. Right now, offshore facilities and plants are built that will be able to produce, process, and accommodate the production of LNG.

 This involves long and complicated steps. Experts in chemicals and physics work hard to find the best method in producing the LNG. Basically, when it emerges from the surface of the earth, the methane is vaporous or gaseous substances. Then, it is turned into liquid by chilling the gas. This requires very low temperature. It requires less than at least minus 200 degree of Fahrenheit to make the gas liquefied. This involves specific process, and the infrastructure of the plants and facilities are responsible to make sure that the production process can run well.

In this case, there is leading company that develops the subsea processing of the LNG. The company does not only concern about the transportation, but it participates in the process of exploration, production, marketing, and even the transportation of the LNG from the offshore to the land until it is accepted by the consumers. The company develops various kinds of innovation and technologies that make things more efficient. These make the whole production process can run well with less costs and efforts, while still maintaining greater benefits.

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