The donts while playing poker

There are several things that you ought to know before you embark on playing poker whether at ยูฟ่าเบท or offline. Knowing the dos and don’ts will enable you to settle fast in learning the game.

Avoid splashing the pot

You need to know what it is all about and why you need to avoid doing it anyway. To splash the pot is all about having to throw your chips in the pot when you make a call, bet, or a raise. It is something that is considered a poor etiquette because it makes it very difficult in seeing the number of chips which you will bet on.

Avoid making string bets

It is the type of bet when you end up not making a bet in a motion that is continuous. It is whereby you place the chips before you, then a few extra, and then adds others later on, without announcing the total number that you are going to bet loudly.

It is a practice that is not allowed and tends to be against the poker rules because it slows down the game as well as used in gaining advantage over other players. When you string bet, it might allow you in gauging the reaction of your opponent as they size your bet, and then decide whether to increase or not to increase basing on the reaction that they make.

The string betting tends to be quite common and in most instances, it is a mistake which is unintentional which most inexperienced players tend to make. It can be utilized by the players for tactical reasons but it is no normally the case. You don’t want others to accuse you of trying to cheat and thus, you ought to try very hard so that you don’t string bet. It is known to be a simple rule that you can readily avoid.

Be considerate about the rest on the table

When you play live poker, it tends to be quite possible that you might spend several hours having to sit with the same company of players. Although your motive is to ensure that you beat them, you don’t want the entire experience to be ruined for them too. When you become considerate of them might seem an automatic thing but there are certain things which you might forget to be considerate about such as:

  • If the casino allows smoking, you still have to be considerate and ask the one seated next to you if they would object if you smoked.
  • Some personal hygiene needs to be adhered to; when you sit next to bettor who does not smell good might have a bad experience on you.
  • There are those who get offended by swearing and thus, you need to ensure that you control your profanity to a mere minimum.
  • You are allowed to have your drinks as you play but you do it in moderation. When you over-drink, you can end up ruining the game experience for the rest. And it is not easy to play very well when you happen to be drunk or tipsy
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