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The Concentro is an accurate benchmark loudspeaker

They were designed to commemorate over 80 years of ELAC history and respond to the urge for a loudspeaker that rivals and surpasses the most ambitious designs in the audiophile landscape today.

One look tells that this is no ordinary loudspeaker; at more than 1,57m tall and weighing more than 153kg, Concentro commands attention. Its elliptical cabinet is crafted to the most acceptable furniture-grade perfection and finished in high-gloss white or black, or to specification in any colour in between. The Concentro cannot be avoided for any other speaker, with a complex base machined from a single aluminium block and weighing more than 23 kg. Integral oval side panels of precious wood, leather, or carbon fibre surround a pair of side-firing 25mm woofers on either side of the enclosure. These newly-developed units feature smooth, stiff aluminium sandwich diaphragms and fire in a push/pull-pull configuration that delivers enormous energy and clarity, down to the lowest octave. The back of the cabinet contains twin ports for the bass drivers.

The sophisticated front baffle features curves allow optimum multiplication and dispersion of sound waves from the two drivers. On top is a dual-concentric 126mm midrange with a JET 5 tweeter at its centre. Beneath this is a front-firing 178mm crystal membrane midrange/woofer. The full results in a near point-source presentation of the sound source, micro-accuracy and flawless, pinpoint imaging. Meanwhile, dynamic range is nearly unlimited,

Carina Series Features

Jet Folded Ribbon Tweeter

Delivering the right high-definition sound, ELAC Audiophile Speakers’ JET tweeters enthral with its lightning-fast response and huge dynamic area, offering minimal distortion, lots of headroom, and a more comprehensive frequency range. The ELAC JET tweeter is the most vital tweeter in the industry and has enabled international praise with its clear and effortless sound image.

Sophisticated Compound Curvature Aluminum Woofer 

To match the potential of the JET tweeter and guarantee a seamless transition from the woofer to the JET tweeter, the element curvature cone has been established to control the cone defect and move it well beyond the active area of the woofer. A large space voice coil and oversized vented pole piece magnet combine to give remarkable bass dynamics and rich, powerful performance.

Downward Firing Ports 

For a more equipped speaker placement and to limit ventilation noise, the bass reflex port on the Carina version is directed to the floor, exiting the speaker cabinet’s bottom in a down-firing configuration.

The Benefits of Vela Design

  • Crystal membrane woofer with an extended connecting range
  • Jet 5 tweeter having a wide dynamic range.
  • Bi-wiring configuration to enhance midrange
  • Die-cast bottom plate with an integrated double-flanged super silent down-firing bass reflex port.
  • Convex baffle shape reducing reflections

Black Jet Technology

  • ELAC Audiophile Speakers’ Jet tweeter is the most vital tweeter in our industry, having been honoured with many accolades for transparency and sound image.
  • Linear frequency response > 50kHz
  • Extended lower frequency range ~ 400 Hz
  • Ultra-fast transient response – detail resolution
  • Cope with ultra-high harmonics – adding some of the air and sense of space

Elac AS-XR Technology

  • The crystal-shaped aluminium cone is joined to the paper cone in a unique glueing procedure to result in the desired sandwich construction.
  • Resembling a large crystal area, the aluminium-foil stamping stiffens the aluminium cone, diminishing resonances and limiting colouration while improving power handling and dynamics.

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