Tips for Healthy, Pink Lips

Everyone wants to have effortlessly flawless skin, but there are parts that stubborn and easily succumb to poor habits or environmental factors. Among your facial features, your skin is perhaps one of the most sensitive. Just a slight change of temperature, and they’ll dry up, crack, and peel off. Scratch an itch, and it will leave a rash or some irritation.

When your lips aren’t regularly moisturized and exfoliated, their natural pinkness and sheen will fade, leaving you with cracked, darkened lips. When this happens, it would be harder to bring back their natural glow and redness.

Fortunately, what causes dryness and pigmentation in the lips have to do with your habits, what you put on them, and environmental factors, which can all be controlled. Take a look at how you can keep your lips pink, healthy, and moist so you can make the most of those lip injections and lip-plumping makeup.

Stay hydrated 

Licking is not an answer to chapped lips. But drinking plenty of water is. Whether you’re just cooped up at home or always on the go, it’s important to stay hydrated. Not only is it essential for your health, but it also keeps your lips moist. This is even more important during winter, or if you live in a place where it’s always chilly. Do this step consistently, and you won’t have to deal with cracked, lifeless lips.

Use hypoallergenic makeup

Make-up can irritate the skin, especially the ones with harsh ingredients and fragrances. If your lips are prone to cracking, avoid cheap and chemical-laden cosmetics altogether. The same goes for your moisturizers and foundations, as they could seep into your lips as well. Instead, invest in organic and all-natural makeup and skincare products. You can experiment with different products until you find the best one for your specific skin type.


Your lips will benefit from occasional exfoliating. If you have time, you can whip up an all-natural lip scrub from pantry ingredients like sugar, salt, and coffee, with additions like honey, lemon zest, aloe vera, and so on. You can also find lip scrubs online or in skincare boutiques that will do the trick. Just be sure to read the label, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Wear lip balm

Your lips are more delicate than the rest of your skin. And since they lack sweat and oil glands that keep the skin moisturized, you’ll need to use some moisturizer. For best results, use balms or emollients that are hypoallergenic, parabens-free, or all-natural. It may not be wise to use products with harsh chemicals, given that your lips are extremely sensitive. If you’re prone to itching or have a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema, use specially formulated, fragrance-free products or a thick ointment like petroleum jelly instead. If you want lips worth pouting, make it a habit to apply lip balm a few times a day.

Protect your lips from the sun

The harsh UV rays from the sun can also cause damage to your lips. Just as you would protect your face and skin from the sun, be sure to apply a lip balm with nothing lower than SPF 30 when you go outdoors. And, of course, don’t forget to apply it every 2 hours so that the layer of protection doesn’t wear off.

Use a lip sleeping mask 

Pamper your lips from time to time with a sleeping mask. These products are infused with antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which will help repair your lips’ elasticity and encourage collagen production. Leaving the product on your lips overnight will make sure your lips fully absorb the ingredients. Try it and wake up with plump and smooth lips that will make your smile even more magnetic.

Control the elements

As mentioned above, environmental factors can affect your lips. Extreme temperatures can suck out the moisture from your lips. When stepping out on a hot day, wear a wide-brimmed hat or use an umbrella. During cold, winter days, limit your time outdoors or have a warm drink with you at all times. If you live in a dry place, get a humidifier to maintain adequate moisture in your house. Just be sure to use clean water at all times and sanitize your humidifier before using it.

Having smooth, plump, and moist lips is every woman’s dream, but it’s not easy to maintain. This is especially true if you live in a place where extreme temperatures are the norm. But with these tips, you can keep your lips pink and healthy.

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