Tips to Acquire Heroes in Epic Seven 

 With amazing 2D animation, the animé movie-like game Epic Seven offers a great experience. The game has a central plot, and there are battles that you will have to fight. To fight the battles, you will have to get heroes or warlords. They will defeat your enemies, and you can emerge as the victor.

 The tips given below will help you get more heroes and win big –

  • Wait for your move: In Epic Seven, you will have to wait for your turn. Now, it might seem a little boring, but waiting gives you an advantage. You will be able to see how your opponents are faring. This will help you prepare your team and fight.
  • Get souls:As you win battles and proceed in the game, you can unlock different characters. Use these characters to fight your battles, and their specific skills will win your souls. These souls are important in the game. They will help you to call the guardians. You will also be able to make your fighters more powerful.
  • Battle in PVP arena: Once you have enough characters, you should participate in the PVP arena battles. Every time you win, you will get great rewards and gems.
  • Win in guild wars:There are also guild wars in Epic Seven. If you like playing fast games, then this is for you. You can build your guild by acquiring the strongest heroes. In the guild wars, you will have to defeat other guilds and win big rewards.
  • Defeat monsters in the labyrinth: There is a labyrinth in the game, and it has many monsters. According to the story in the game, an ancient queen is sleeping in the labyrinth. When she awakens, you will have to go in and fight the monsters.
  • Become a summoner: If you play the game consistently and win your battles, you are going to pass many levels. You will then become a summoner. This is when you will be able to acquire heroes or warriors. Your troops will become strengthened, and you can decide which warrior will fight.

 The Epic Seven stays true to its name and is truly epic. The battle scenes are detailed and thrilling. You can also play in the World Boss mode and participate in worldwide battles. You can show the skills of your team of heroes in the world arena and win exciting rewards.

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