Tips To Avoid Scorpions In Las Vegas


Keeping scorpions out of your home can be a challenge in the desert southwest. These opportunistic predators just need a dark spot and a bit of water to make themselves at home. Below are steps you can take to keep these pests out of your space.

Offer No Shelter Indoors

A simple step in Scorpion Control is to give them no place to hide. Don’t store boxes on the floor. Hang your shoes or store them on a high shelf. Rather than keeping a hamper in the corner, hang a laundry bag on the door to prevent the creation of a sheltered corner where they can hide. Stay on top of clutter and don’t let things pile up on the floor.

Don’t Feed Them

Scorpions feed on other bugs and need access to water. For effective Scorpion Control, make sure to get rid of ants, roaches and other pests inside your home. Sprinkle some diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your home to keep scorpions out. Don’t allow plantings directly against your house. If you burn wood, keep your wood pile away from your home and sprinkle more diatomaceous earth around the pile. If possible, invest in a firewood holder to keep it off the ground.

Seal Everything

In addition to caulking around your doors and windows, make sure you seal up any pet food or trash cans in and around your home. Scorpions can get through tiny gaps in their effort to get to food and water.

Bring In Some Help

A simple way to reduce the scorpions on your property is to keep chickens and let them free-range a bit. Chickens can be a big help if you store wood around your property of have put down any wood mulch. As the chickens scratch, they’ll dig up scorpions and gobble them up.

Plants That Repel Scorpions

Scorpions can be reduced by planting lavender. This lovely plant is also good for drawing bees into your yard and will smell lovely when it blooms. While lavender is a perennial, it can be challenging to get started, so be ready to baby it along for the first year.

Hire A Professional

Not every neighborhood will allow you to keep chickens. If you’re concerned about scorpions in your Las Vegas home and yard, contact Ace Pest Control for an assessment of your space. Our Scorpion Control Services include treatment for the bark scorpion and the wind scorpion. We can help make you aware of the hiding spots in your home and any features in your yard that are putting you at risk.

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