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Top 5 Tourist Places to Visit in Thane

A city of over 30 lakes, the first destination of a passenger train in the country, and the beautiful Yeoor and Parsik hills, there is so much that Thane is proud of as a district. Thane is rapidly growing and developing with brilliant residential and commercial complexes coming up, expressways to Mumbai, and a fleet of tourist places to visit. If you are new to Thane and want to explore this marvel, here are five places to visit in Thane:

  1. ISKCON Temple  

Located on Mira Road, the ISKCON Temple is one of the first places you will know about as soon as you step into Thane. Short for International Society of Krishna Consciousness, the first ISKCON temple was established by his Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The one in Thane is particularly famous for its beautiful complex.

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the temple attracts thousands of devotees and tourists from all over India and the world. The temple complex has a restaurant, book stall, and gift shop, too. So, you can pick some souvenirs for your loved ones. You can spend a good two to three hours absorbing the beauty and spirituality of this place.

  1. Yeoor Hills

Yeoor Hills are the perfect pit stop for nature lovers and trekkers. These hills are one of the best-known tourist spots and among the most famous places to visit in Thane. This can be the ideal place to unwind from the hectic and busy city life and experience tranquillity and serenity. Unpolluted clean air and lush greens can help you relax.

You can also plan a picnic and make the most of the day. The hills have a wide variety of wild fruits and fauna and are brilliant for bird watching. If you are lucky, you can also spot leopards. The Mama Bhanja Mountain is the highest peak here. You can also find local Adivasi communities.

  1. Suraj Water Park 

Suraj Water Park is the place to be if you love water parks and the thrill of gliding through a water slide with adrenaline pumping through your veins. The water park is ideal for all ages, which makes it a well-frequented spot by families, schools, and even professionals on office retreats.

Filled with several games and rides, Suraj Water Park is famous for its Crazy River, which offers the feeling of being in a real river. There are several swimming pools too. The water park is suitable for a quick getaway during summer to beat the heat and enjoy a day submerged in cool water.

  1. Gorakhgad Fort

Over a century old, the Gorakhgad Fort is a historical site in Thane, approximately 24 km from Murbad and 50 km from Karjat. The fort has an interesting history of sadhus who would come here to meditate. It was constructed by a local Maratha ruler and was never captured by the British. It offers a stunning view of the nearby areas and unusual architecture carved out of nothing but big boulders.

A small trek will get you to the top, and although the ascent is a bit steep, it makes it all worth it when you see the beauty of the three villages of Siddhagad, Naneghat, and Jivdhan at the end.

  1. Tansa Lake 

A visit to the city of lakes is incomplete without visiting one. Tansa Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in Thane, with a capacity to hold up to three gallons of water. The beautiful landscape surrounded by Sahyadri Hills makes it one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Thane.

You can also check out the Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary while you are here and see the famous white peacock and black buck and several other species of birds and animals.

To sum it up

If you are visiting Thane, make sure to stay here for at least a week to explore the location to the best of your capacity. There is so much to see here, and you will never go back disappointed!

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