Unable To Calculate Your Personal Loan EMIs Manually? Here is How a Personal Loan Calculator Helps!

A personal loan is an extremely helpful form of credit option that you can opt for to address your monetary mismatches and financial requirements. This said, if you are planning to apply for a personal loan, it is very important for you to know about the personal loan EMI value beforehand. In this way, you can plan out your finances better. But then, how can you find out your personal loan EMI? Here is where a personal loan calculator can rescue you. Continue reading to know about this instrument.

What is a personal loan EMI calculator?

A personal loan calculator is an instrument that permits you to compute the EMI accurately and instantly for your loan. To compute your EMI through the calculator, all you require doing is adding a few important details like – personal loan interest rate, loan amount and repayment tenure. On placing the details, the calculator automatically calculates the EMI in seconds. It also displays both interest and principal components of every installment you are required to pay.

A personal loan EMI calculator comes with a plethora of advantages. Read on to know the crucial benefits it provides:


A personal loan calculator is not just easy to understand but also simple to use. For using the calculator, you do not require any mathematical or technical knowledge. You just need to input the required details and the calculator will instantly display the EMI obligations.

Saves adequate time

It is by far one of the biggest benefits that a personal loan EMI calculator offers. While the personal loan EMI can be computed manually using a relevant formula, it takes a lot of time. However, with a dedicated online calculator, you can do the whole computation quickly and get the result instantly. This saves energy and considerable amount of time.

Eliminates errors

Accuracy offered by personal loan calculators lowers the chances of mistakes. Even a minor computation error can result in an erroneous calculation, which may make you take up an incorrect decision. With a dedicated calculator, you can eliminate all the errors and mistakes. As long as the added values are right, the computation will be totally reliable and accurate on the EMI calculator.

Helps make the right decision

Loan repayment tenure, loan amount, personal loan interest rate are the 3 crucial factors responsible to decide your personal loan EMI. Changing the added value of any of the above parameters will display a different personal loan EMI. You can use the calculator to your benefit to compute a comfortable EMI by playing around with these 3 factors.

Ending note

A personal loan calculator is a handy tool that is not just helpful but also completely free. Besides helping you compute personal loan EMI, it also enables you to make an intelligent and informed decision. Thus, before you click on the personal loan apply button on the lender’s site, always ensure to check your EMI using the calculator. This will prepare you better and allow you to budget your expenses as per your personal loan.

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