What are the most common types of work-related injuries?

Statistics suggest that there are thousands of injuries that take place every year in the workplace. While some are minor and don’t require more than just general first-aid, some are more severe, causing permanent disability. To protect the employees and ensure their physical and mental well-being, small and large business owners need to take sufficient precautions. 

Even businesses with the best preparation can also fail to protect their employees from accidents. Let’s get to know the most common types of Spring Valley work-related injuries in the workplace. 

  • Slip and Fall: Despite your work environment, whether you work in a factory or at a fancy office, you might encounter a slippery surface at any point in your time at the office. While our body is capable of maintaining balance, sometimes you won’t be able to avoid this accident, especially when you walk on a slippery surface subconsciously. Apart from slipping, falling is another injury your employees can sustain in your workplace. Reports stated that falls from a ladder are the most common, whereas if you fall from higher places can prove dangerous and life-threatening. 
  • Repetitive Strain Injury: Over the years, repetitive fall injury has become extremely common in the workplace, affecting over 15% of employees. Despite the potential threat, many employees don’t take this situation seriously. Repetitive fall injury affects not only the employees who use their keyboards regularly in the office but also the repetitive motion of the joints. Sometimes RSI can cause severe consequences, so it’s best to take precautions. Employers need to encourage their employees to take breaks to avoid repetitive strain injuries. Likewise, ergonomic chairs, hand trucks, and ergonomic tables can also address the strain. 
  • Inhaling Toxic Fumes: While employees in the corporate sector don’t work with hazardous and dangerous chemicals, the same isn’t applicable to employees who are working in a chemical company. Exposure to toxic substances can cause eye or skin irritations. The toxic fumes can affect the internal organs and cause serious injuries. Protective equipment such as gloves, suits, goggles, and boots will protect the employees from harmful substances. Hence, employers need to ensure that they provide their employees with the necessary gear to avoid exposure to harmful materials. 

Employees can sustain injuries in the workplace due to various reasons. It’s the responsibility of employers to protect their employees from any work-related harm. Training them properly and supplying protective goods will prove beneficial. 

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