A lot of people are envious of what it must feel like working at a casino. Movies have created a very glamorous perception of how life of a casino worker is. The fact of the matter is that the truth is always different to what we see or think that life is like.


Movies have created this image that people coming to casino are all attractive, rich customers and every person is happy to be winning, another image is that people who win big must tip big as well. There are many things that people need to know which they might have not thought about before.


Although much information is not available about how it is working an online casino like for example online casino planet7, but a fair deal is known about live casinos.


Some of the things which are good in terms of working might also be bad, because casinos usually are the most active during holidays it is extremely difficult for the employees to get a leave during those days. The second point is that the job is too reliant on tips, a lot of times people playing are cheap in terms of tipping which is really bad for the dealers as the pay is not that high. A lot of employees also are not that comfortable withstanding all day.

Another aspect is the customers, like anywhere, the customer base of a casino is very varied, some are very nice while some keep shouting at the dealers blaming them for losing. A lot of players stay inside the casinos for days at end which equates to them smelling. One factor which is often overlooked is the amount of smoke inside a casino. Your clothes will smell of smoke when you get home


One of the most overlooked factors is the free food, a lot of casinos provide their employees with free food, although the spread isn’t exactly that of a 5 star but it is still good and plenty food, most jobs out there don’t provide with timely lunch or breakfast. Another factor is the flexible working hours, because casinos are open almost the entire day, the employees sometimes have an option to choose from a range of shifts with which they are most comfortable with.

One more thing which comes as a perk is the fitness, most workers on a casino spend most of their days standing which in my opinion is much better as a lot of people working these days develop back problems because of sitting at a desk for too long. A lot of customers who win big might also tip big to the dealers which might account to some additional income. Casinos have been popping up all over the world, especially in the recent decades. As the level of income is rising in the developing countries, so is the need for casinos which translates to the point that there are a lot of job opportunities available in the market.

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