What to look for in a tripod?

Camera accessories tripod is known to be one of the first accessories that you will need to buy when getting a new camera. But there are a variety of them out there in the market with various features and price ranges. So how do you go about picking the best for yourself?

Why use a tripod in the first place?

There are various reasons why you might require a tripod. First, you have to use a tripod if you have plans to shoot slow shutter speed or the f-stops high – apertures. Conditions such as this are known to be typically interior, real estate, landscape photography, architectural, where you will require your scene o be quite sharp in a low light condition.

You will also require to use a tripod whenever shooting bracketed photos for HDR or compositing in post-production, or when you are taking group photos or selfies which you would want to be in them.  There are other reasons that would make you want to use a tripod, but the above are some of the main ones which should keep you thinking about having one.

The following are some of the features which you have to check out as you get a tripod for yourself:

Load capacity or payload

The first feature that you would want to consider when you research tripods is the maximum load capacity or payload. In other words, the amount of weight that it is likely to support is what matters a lot. The payload is found in the description of every tripod.

 For the number to be reached, you need to consider the largest and heaviest camera setup which you plan to utilize on the tripod. The lens and the camera weights can easily be gotten through a Google search or by being able to examine the respective descriptions of the product.

It is important that you ensure that you get to understand the tripod head payload or the pieces which are attached to your camera to the legs of the tripod. There are some tripods which come with a head on them, or you can replace them with a head which you can purchase separately. Most tripod heads do have their own payloads specified, and thus, you need to be sure to be considering the number as well.

The maximum and minimum height of the tripod

All the tripods do have a maximum and a minimum height that is expressed in the description of the product. There are some tripods which can get to be ultra-tall while others can be ultra-low onto the ground. You have to think about the kind of subjects that you are going to photograph and the optimal height which you will want the tripod to be.

If you happen to be tall or you have plans to be shooting subjects who will be tall, you should aim at getting a tripod that is tall which you find on the market. But if the subjects you intend to shoot are lower on the ground, then you could consider going for tripods which have low minimum heights. There are modern tripods which have been designed to be extremely low down to about 5.5 inches.

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