What Type of Shampoo to Use for Dry, Lifeless, Split Ends

If you are having dry hair problems, it’s time to go investigating what’s causing it. Dry hair can be the symptom of dehydration, an indication of poor diet, an outcome of unwise hair styling choices and the result of use of wrong haircare products. Your job would be to find which of these is the case for you and figure out a remedy that will work to reverse it.

Most times, people are negligent about the products they are putting in their hair on a day to day basis. Use of a wrong product can not only make your hair dull, dry and brittle, but it can also cause your hair to permanently lose volume. One way of course correction is to find out what type of shampoos and conditioners work best for dry and damage hair.

Here are some options to try out.

A Biotin-Based Shampoo

If you want to avoid going through all the drama of finding the right product for your type of damaged hair, then blindly pick a biotin-based shampoo from the shelf. A biotin shampoo is a gift for the hair. One of the very few products known to us, it works for all hair types and concerns. Biotin shampoo and conditioner famously revive dull damaged hair making it visibly stronger and healthier in just weeks. It’s no wonder that these products are the top choices of buyers right now.

A Lathering Shampoo For Dry Hair Treatment

Another type of product that can make unbelievable changes to dull and brittle hair is a shampoo hair treatment for dry hair. Made of all natural and organic ingredients, these products cleanse the hair gently while balancing the pH balance of the scalp and nourishing the strands. They are mostly odorless and have antimicrobial properties. Continued use results in rich lustrous hair.

A Restoration Shampoo

A restoration shampoo is one that uses a mild formula to steadily undo years of damages resulting from heat styling, dying, environmental pollutions and stress. Made by many big brands, these shampoos are formulated to naturally repel oil and dirt keeping hair clean and light for longer.

A Hydrating Shampoo

A hydrating shampoo is a great repair formula for a hair that is full of split ends. Although the products cannot get rid of the split ends, you have to do it yourself by trimming them from time to time, they help ensure that the hairs do not split anew. A hydrating shampoo makes fuzzy hair more manageable, dry hair more hydrated and lifeless hair more alive.

A Curl Moisturizer That Cleans

If you have curly hair, what you need is a moisturizing shampoo formulated for curly hair. These products have a natural enriching formula that covers damaged curls with a coating of moisture and stimulate growth of new hair. That apart, these are also great cleansers.

Whatever your choice of products for daily use be, try to stick to a natural shampoo and conditioner to ensure the best quality care for your tresses.


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