What You Need to Know Before Working from Anywhere

Since the pandemic peaked, many companies have transitioned to allowing flexible working arrangements for their people. Aside from work-from-home, more and more are receptive to a work-from-anywhere arrangement. Just recently, freelance job matching site Upwork conducted a survey on remote work and found that approximately 25 percent of employers in the U.S.A. are foreseeing a continuity in this trend throughout the rest of 2021, and approximately 62 percent of them could say remote work would be the way to go for their people for the long-term.

So far, it has created positive results in employee performance and job satisfaction, significantly by 13% as Stanford University purports. In the same survey, Upwork also found that approximately 33 percent of American employers could attest to this work improvement. If your employer is one of those who approve of remote work and all its benefits for you and the entire organization, it is just as right to plan how you would make the most out of the extra freedom you are entitled to. Here are some things you must consider:


For most, home is the primary choice for remote work. This idea continues to be challenged, though, with recreational establishments offering staycation packages specifically offered to those who have grown tired of work-from-home and would love a fresh view. For anyone, vacationing while practically being at work would be such a dream, but not the most cost-effective in the long haul.

If you have the luxury of more than one property you can hop on and off, now is the best time to seize the opportunity. It’s as easy as hiring a long-distance moving company to set up a workspace in your other house or condo. You would not find yourself getting bored with the same environment every day. One day you could wake up and spend a workday in your hometown, the other in another state.


Also, you have to acknowledge the fact that, for the first time, no I.T. guy can immediately troubleshoot the issues you encounter with your computer and other officially issued gadgets. Likewise, you wouldn’t have a warehouse you can so conveniently obtain your office supplies from. To some extent, you will have to provide yourself with the tools that will assist you in your work.

By now, you might have a rough mental list of the supplies and equipment you need to keep tabs on. Just in case you forget any, here are the most crucial you need to have all the time wherever you might be working:

  • Portable laptop computer and its complementary accessories (wireless keyboard, mouse, an ergonomic stand, etc.)
  • A pair of noise-canceling headphones with a built-in microphone
  • A pouch for your chargers, which you may need to keep extra sets of so you can keep one in your house and the other for travel work
  • Notebook or planner to help you stay focused on priority tasks
  • Stash of pens and markers
  • A spacious but compact backpack that could store all these office implements, so you can easily pack up and leave for wherever you want to work for the day

On the other hand, if you see yourself remotely working somewhere other than your house for a significant period that necessitates you to set up a new workspace, then you will have to make sure this place is furnished with the following items:

  • Desk
  • An ergonomic chair
  • Phone (if you need to make frequent landline calls)
  • Wi-Fi router or a strong enough mobile hot spot
  • Charging dock and USB port hub with receptacles for different types of cable connectors if you tend to work with many gadgets at a time
  • Work lamp
  • File organizer
  • Shredder
  • VPN access and anti-malware software (better if it is installed by your company’s I.T. into your devices)

Stay in the Loop

Make sure to find out what your boss expects of you as you work away from the office because the way you perform your work is bound to change due to the new setup. Agree with him on how you will report about issues you encounter and accomplishments. Also, agree on how you and your teammates communicate and what platforms you would instead use for task collaboration.

On your end, be faithful with keeping the established working hours no matter where you work and avoiding distractions during these hours. Commit to staying on the loop by being responsive to emails and announcements on your team’s online portal. Also, although you have gotten used to the physical isolation, do not forget to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Remote work offers you unlimited convenience. Take charge of this newfound freedom and make the experience pleasant for yourself.

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