When should I get tested for COVID 19?

COVID-19 is a virus that disrupted three years of everyone’s life all around the world. We went through lockdowns and severe health conditions due to a small virus that was easily transmitted and affected almost all body parts. When you ask anyone about their experience during COVID-19, you would never hear anything pleasant. It is because of many factors, the shortage of medicines, the severity of the symptoms and the lack of medical health facilities. The number of deaths shows the degree of deadline of the virus and why it was taken so seriously. And even today there are cases of COVID-19. So when to go for  physical exams Greensboro? Let us learn:

Continuous fever 

One of the primary symptoms of identifying Covid 19 is a regular body temperature that is not going away. If you have been on medications but your fever is still in place for weeks then you should go for a Covid 19 testing. 

Sore throat 

Another common symptom of Covid 19 is a sore throat. If you are troubled due to throat pain and no matter what you try, it is still causing immense trouble in swallowing or even talking, you should visit your doctor or get tested for the COVID-19 virus.

Immense body pain 

One thing that was the most problematic symptom of Covid 19 virus was immense body pain. Covid 19 breaks your immunity and can result in severe muscle cramps and even bone and joint pain. Thus, having immense body pain might be a symptom of Covid 19.

Cough and cold

The COVID-19 virus has symptoms just like when you get a cold. However, the degree of severity is extreme, which is why you should get tested for COVID-19 if you have a cough and cold and it is repetitive or not going for weeks. 

Though it simply starts with a minor cough and cold and fever, it can result in severe lung-related diseases and cause trouble breathing and even death. This is why when you feel anything different in your body when compared to your regular cough and cold, you should start maintaining distance with your family members. And visit a doctor, wear hand gloves and 95 face masks and use a sanitiser regularly. When suffering from COVID-19, you should protect yourself as well as the people around you because the same virus may have a different impact on different people depending on their body. To summarize, if you have sustained cough and cold symptoms for more than a week, opt for a test.

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