Why is so much attention attached to AI technologies?

Currently, humanity is experiencing a breakthrough in the development of IT technologies and their application in almost all spheres of activity. It is associated with the rapid implementation of artificial intelligence in various fields and directions. Check how to use it to make AI deepnude in the article below.

Can AI serve as your assistant?

As human scientific activity continues unabated, artificial intelligence may become either the most positive change in our history, or – as most people fear – the most dangerous of inventions. Artificial intelligence (or AI) research is well on its way to giving computers cognitive capabilities comparable to those of the human brain – at least for three decades. Judging by what scientists predict, progress and inventions in this direction will lead us to the creation of artificial superintelligence – or  Artificial Super Intelligence , ASI –  which will surpass all the intellectual capabilities of humanity.

Companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are already offering their home assistants today, which are meant to perform the functions of household tasks: through the sound control system, they are able to turn on the lights, the ventilation system, or the music, as well as make your schedule, report the traffic situation , introduce the latest world news or recommend the nearest restaurant to your taste.

Naked photo assistance service 

At the heart of innovation is the AI Image Generator, a tool that can create detailed images based solely on text input. This feature gives users the ability to visualize their ideas, bringing characters and scenes to life with amazing speed and accuracy. It offers a feature that has caused a lot of hype, about which all decent girls are worried. Men, on the contrary, only admire such innovations! Using these instructions, you, having a photograph, can free any beauty from clothes.

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