Why It Makes Sense for Insurers to Invest in Self-Service Portals

Giving insurance customers exceptional customer service helps improve customer retention rates, increases customer satisfaction, and minimizes support frustration for both support staff and customers. In the insurance sector, meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers is crucial to attracting new customers and keeping them from switching to your competitors. However, good customer service is more than just having multichannel applications for customers. Insurance companies must ensure their customers have first-rate technology experience at each stage of the customer cycle. This includes having Quality Insurance Customer and agent portals. Read on to know how self-serviced portals can improve customer experience:

Accelerate the Claim Approval Process

With these portables, insurance agents do not have to manually intake claim information, process it, and follow up with customers. They can concentrate directly on verifying a claim’s legitimacy and push it to the next steps in the process. With these portals, customers are not left in the dark as to which stage of the claim process they are at. Customers will have a better experience if they more quickly make a claim and get approved.

Allow Round-the-Clock Services

Usually, insurance providers have customers in a lot of different time zones that make it difficult to staff agents for each hour that people can reach out. Also, it is not possible to predict when events will take place that cause customers to submit a claim for. Insurance customer service portals are a type of digital transformation services that let users input claim details at any time. This means customers can begin to submit claims, find answers to their questions, or get a view into the status of outstanding claims. Other features that can be accessed at any time of the day and night include retrieval of historical records, policy payments, account management, and policy renewal date.

Allow Real-Time Alerts

Self-service portals let insurance firms trigger automatic alerts to customers through email, push notifications, mobile alerts, and more. Such notifications can be reactive to policy changes, account updates, or payment alerts. Also, such features make customers aware of their upcoming policy renewals and coverage changes. Web and mobile alerts let customers decide to act on them through the same platform without visiting an office, getting a mail, or making a call.

Self-service portals let customers find answers to their questions without waiting for an agent to attend to them. These portals let insurance companies put together resources and guide sin video, image, and text-based format to give the best answers to common customer inquiries.

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