5 Things to Check When Buying a Baby Swaddle 

Wrapping your baby snugly in a breathable sheet or blanket gives them a sense of security. This swaddling method is known to soothe newborns and help them sleep soundly. Your little one has been in your womb’s safe confines for a considerable period, so a smooth transition into the real world is most welcoming.

Using a swaddle enables your baby to:

  • Not get disturbed with their normal and sudden reflex actions
  • Sleep for longer periods
  • Feel secure and calm
  • Reduce excessive crying

Swaddling your infant from birth and placing her on her back is advisable. As soon as they learn to roll over on their tummy or side, stop the practise as it could prove risky. The right swaddling technique involves wrapping your baby firmly from the shoulders downwards but not tightly, enabling them to freely move their legs and feet.

When investing in a baby swaddle to offer the comfort, warmth, and protection they deserve, consider the following five aspects:

Size That Allows For Free Movement

A small wrap may meet your immediate need when your baby is born but will not serve your purpose soon after as infants grow fast. Reputed brands offer comfort and functionality without proving to be restrictive. While being wrapped up, there is scope for your infant to develop their hip area.

Made From Breathable Fabric

When made from a soft stretch knit fabric, the swaddle provides the ultimate comfort for your baby. He or she can effortlessly breathe while sleeping without you fearing your newborn will break out into a sweat.

Since babies cannot regulate their body temperatures, you must ensure they are neither too hot nor too cold while sleeping. Swaddles made from breathable material allow your little one to sleep soundly.

Functional Design

More than picking out an attractive design, pay close attention to the functionality aspect. The swaddle blanket you procure must allow you to position your baby’s arms alongside their bodies while wrapping them snugly.

A comfortable waistline grips your baby securely without being restrictive and encourages their hip joints’ natural development. Swaddles with soft and breathable little trousers allow your little one to retain their natural frog position while sleeping.

Secure Fastening

Swaddles that feature secure wings keep even the most restless infants well protected. Even their startle reflexes will not lead to the swaddle unwrapping itself. Carefully examine the fastening provided to ensure the safety of your newborn while transporting them to dreamland.

Versatile Usage

Instead of restricting the use of swaddles to naptime at home, a versatile product proves handy. Being able to use this wrapping method when placing your baby in a car seat ensures your baby is relatively wiggle-free while on the move.

Make sure you unfasten their arms while placing your swaddle-wrapped newborn in their car seat.

Handpick a natural snug fit swaddle that will give your little one a familiar soothing feeling they associate with being in your womb. A seasoned retailer delivers all the above aspects and eases the concerns of a new mother.

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