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Throughout their lifetime, the average person moves quite a lot. Reports and statistics show thatCanadians move around 5-6 times, while the global average is over 10. But moving is stressful, and having to go through it once every few years is quite a lot. Whether you move across the street or across the country, relocation is usually troublesome. But regardless of the size of your move or your final destination, you can still ease your life with some small tricks. Hiring affordable Toronto movers is one of them, but there is much more to know. Stick with us here!

Plan ahead and organize properly

How often do you hear this when it comes to events of all kinds in your life? Well, while it cannot be compared to a wedding, a move still needs to be planned properly and in due time. First of all, find a  reputable and affordable moving company in Toronto to hire. 90% of the stress and hassle are decreased just by doing this. Next comes packing. We recommend you start two months prior to the move, just to make sure you have enough time. You wouldn’t really want to rush things and risk breaking something or hurting yourself in the process. So pack properly and make sure to label and organize the boxes as well as you can. If you don’t feel like doing all these, call affordable Toronto movers and ask them to do the packing for you, as well!

Get free boxes

Cardboard boxes have become a significant part of our lives whether we realize it or not. Not only do we get our online orders in boxes, but everything that is delivered to our restaurants and shops comes in boxes, as well. And many of them are used only once and then thrown away, even though you could reuse them. Go to your grocery store and ask about cardboard boxes they don’t need! You could save some good money on these. But be mindful that some of these might not be heavy-duty, therefore could break easier under the weight of your things. So consider some more solid alternatives, as well. And just in case you don’t find anything for free or don’t have the time for that, get in touch with your affordable Toronto movers and ask about their box shops. At Let’s Get Moving, for example, we sell moving boxes of all sizes, at very good prices. And, of course, we also have the other moving supplies you need, everything from tape to dollies.

Leave it on experts

Yes, we already mentioned it in this article, but we cannot stress it enough. Hire professionals to handle your move. Future you will be grateful. And if you choose an affordable moving company in Toronto, you won’t even have to worry about paying a small fortune for the services. Not to even mention the benefits of this choice. Your affordable Toronto movers will provide moving supplies, transportation, handling, insurance, and even packing and storage, if you choose. Plus they will finish the job way easier than you could, since they are experienced. Bribing your friends with beer and pizza for help will not really cost you less – it will just bring more work and stress to everyone.

Make an inventory

Whether or not you choose to hire affordable Toronto movers for your relocation, you will need an inventory. Keeping a record of things you own and need to pack and move will save you later. And besides, you will also need this information when your affordable Toronto movers will provide the cost estimate. So while you are at it, why not do it properly? Take some time and open a spreadsheet to put down everything you have. You can then decide what stays and what goes. The entire moving process will become much easier once you have this spreadsheet. And once you start packing, use markers and labels to write down any important note for the movers. From which items belong to which room to which boxes are fragile, you should have everything in order. Again, you will thank yourself later.

Consider professional cleaners

Do you even remember how messy the last move was? Even if you hire professional affordable movers to help out and everything goes as planned, things still get messy. There is a lot of dust and dirt and it might be a pain to clean out everything at the end. So, while it is an extra expense, consider hiring professional cleaners. Together with the dirt, a lot of your worries will go away. You can hire them to clean and sanitize your new home, as well. Everything that takes to have a fresh, promising start.

Moving does not need to be THAT stressful. We hope our few tips and ideas will help you have a seamless move that will allow you to enjoy your new home better from the first moment. And if you are still looking for affordable movers in Toronto, look no more.

At Let’s Get Moving, they provide excellent professional moving services at affordable rates. Call us today to inquire!

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