Beginners Guide to Tobacco Smoking Pipes – All you Need to Know

Getting started on a new hobby such as tobacco smoking may be challenging, especially with choosing the product and equipment to use. However, one does not have to start smoking tobacco to gain an interest in the pipes. Having a collection of products in this category is something that one can consider if they are intrigued by the design and construction of smoking pipes. Every new pipe smoker must start with buying one and getting to know how to use it before exploring the tobacco brands present in the market. To get the most acceptable option in the market, one ought to know certain smoking pipes features vital for functionality. Some of the top features include;


Smoking pipes are built using different types of materials. This helps determine the longevity of the unit, among other factors. The three common types of material that you will come across for smoking pipes are briar wood, meerschaum, and corn cobs. Briar is a top pick for most users, including beginners, due to the fine qualities it has to offer. This material is durable, breathable, and heat resistant, hence the best choice for a smoking pipe. Corncobs are an affordable choice among the three materials.

The design is straightforward, and maintenance for units made from the cob is a breeze. The aesthetic value for cob smoking pipes is what makes it a favorite among many people. Meerschaum is a material from the Black Sea. Units made with this material are pricier than those made with briarwood and corn cob. Meerschaum is easy to carve; hence, the smoking pipes made from this material feature intricate designs appealing to the eye.


After knowing the best material to buy, the next feature that comes into play is the shape. The choice of this feature is dependent on one’s preference. Some people want long-stemmed smoking pipes while others prefer short ones. The form is both for aesthetic and functional purposes. Straight or curved smoking pipes are available, and one can also choose between practical and collectable pieces depending on the shape.

Straight stems feature a classic look allowing smoke to flow directly to the mouth, making the smoking experience wholesome. The flavor from straight pipes is intense due to the direct flow of smoke from the tube to the mouth. Bent stems, on the other hand, are best for comfort,mainly because it keeps the moisture away from the smokers’ mouth. For collectables, bent shapes stand out more than the straight ones.

The size of the chamber matters for smoking pipes, and it is something to consider. Large diameters are better than smaller ones. Also, deep chambers are preferable over shallow ones as they can hold more and give the best smoking experience. The shape of the chamber is also another feature that one must bear in mind. Deciding whether you want a practical or collectible smoking pipe is a decision that will help you make an informed choice regarding the best option for your needs.

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