How Small Startups Made It Big During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many businesses closed down during the pandemic. This caused people to lose their source of livelihood. But since the only way to survive is to keep moving forward, some chose to build their own startup instead. They fulfilled their life-long dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Even if it was hard at first, many found success despite the presence of the pandemic.

Different types of businesses emerged during the crisis. Some thriving ones focused on selling products considered essential during these trying times. But for others, they explored their options and came up with business ideas that support consumer’s pandemic needs.

What Business Ideas Are Thriving Mid-pandemic?

Consumers changed the way they buy things they want and need while sheltering in place. Instead of the usual in-store purchases, they went online to look for things they need and can use during quarantine. Since their lifestyle changed, the products and services they are now investing in also changed.

Aside from the essentials, businesses selling the following are now thriving.

  • Plants

People during these trying times are constantly on the lookout for ways to relieve themselves from stress. Since gardening is an activity they can lean on while sheltering in place, plant-loving entrepreneurs went building their plant nursery business. They offer live plants that consumers can buy and take care of while quarantining in place.

  • Health and Wellness Products

These days, the best investment everyone should not ignore is health and wellness. This is why business owners are now selling various beauty and wellness products to support the ongoing demand. From health insurance and gym equipment to air purifiers and hand sanitizers, entrepreneurs are now offering numerous products to satisfy today’s consumer need for things that can improve their health.

  • Computers

Consumers are now investing in their own computers to support remote learning and working. This is since more learners are staying indoors and many companies are working from home. This shows that aside from entertainment purposes, consumers are actually buying computers to better accommodate their pandemic lifestyle.

How Startups Managed to Succeed During the Crisis

Startups may still be new in the market. But many of them managed to grow their business in a small amount of time. They incorporated different strategies that helped them boost business success, including the following.

Taking Their Business Online

We can no longer deny that e-commerce became an even bigger hit during the pandemic. As more consumers shop online, startups used the opportunity to build brand awareness and bring in more sales. They made sure to invest in a mobile-friendly website, a solid social media marketing campaign, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Businesses also make sure to share valuable content with their followers. They use different tactics to make content available to their target audiences. This made it easier to target the right consumers and sell their offers.

Faster and Reliable Shipping

Reliable and time-sensitive shipping can make any business stand out. Startups made sure to look for a trusted logistics provider. This made packaging, shipping, and delivery of products a lot less stressful on every brand’s part, making the customer experience a better one.

Live Streaming

Many startups turned to live streaming to introduce their brand, show off their offers, and keep their customers engaged. Since more consumers have time browsing on different social media, this made live streaming a big hit among startups. Many businesses managed to boost their sales after a series of successful live streaming.

Even if startup business owners are sheltering in place, they interact with consumers through live streaming. This helped fill the void of not being able to engage with potential clients in real life. More consumers are drawn to live streaming tactics since this is a safer way of asking questions and interacting with clients.


The right people will help you run the business, keep customers engaged, and solve any challenge you might face. Some business owners learned the hard way that sometimes, you can no longer run a business with anyone to rely on but yourself. So what they did is they started outsourcing certain tasks to free themselves of precious time to focus on growing the brand. For example, outsourcing to an experienced IT help desk will help save you valuable hours to work on your business.

Building Connections with Local Vendors

More businesses went on creating lasting relationships with other local businesses. After lockdowns led to a series of delayed shipments, startups were left with no choice but to find local suppliers to keep the business moving. This helped local businesses create lasting relationships while helping create a better sense of community.

Many entrepreneurs that only opened their startups during the pandemic are now reaping the rewards of their hard work. They were able to taste sweet success after making the right decisions at the right time. This only goes to show that surviving a pandemic is not impossible.

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