Matt Davies Harmony Communities Gives Tips for Driving from The U.S. To Canada with A Cat


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, the prospect of driving your cat to Canada may make you uneasy. However, there is no genuine cause for concern. There isn’t much that can prevent your plans from succeeding as long as you are prepared. Let’s consider these tips for driving to Canada with a cat to make your upcoming border crossing simple.

The Tips – There is specific paperwork you must submit to the border officials in order to be allowed to carry your cat with you. Here are some tips on traveling with a cat from the United States to Canada.

Proof of Age – The only documentation you’ll need to bring on a trip with a kitten under three months old is evidence of age. It might be a document from the breeder, shelter, or rescue that details your kitten’s birth date. Or it can be a letter from your vet that dates back and includes an estimate of your kitten’s age.

Rabies Vaccination Certificate – A rabies vaccination certificate for their cat is required for anybody leaving the United States for Canada with a cat at least three months old.

The certificate needs to adhere to the following standards:

  • Written in French or English,
  • Issued and signed by a veterinary professional.
  • Describe the animal (age, breed, sex, color, markings, weight, and, if relevant, microchip or tattoo number)
  • Mention that the animal has had a rabies vaccination.
  • Provide the vaccine date
  • The brand name and the serial number of the endorsed vaccination.
  • Give a timeframe for the immunity (otherwise, it will be considered valid for one year from the date of vaccination)
  • Include the certificate’s date of signing, the certificate’s issuer’s name, and their signature.

A waiting time for vaccinations is not necessary in Canada. Therefore, your pet is permitted to enter Canada as soon as it has had its rabies vaccination. In addition, pets coming from any nation are not subject to quarantine in Canada.

Rabies Vaccination Exemption – Rabies vaccines might be risky for particular cats because of their medical issues. In that case, the owner may request a waiver of the rabies certificate prerequisite. A veterinarian’s note outlining the exact issue preventing your cat from receiving immunization is required to accompany all written applications filed to the National Center for Permissions. The outcomes of a Rabies Neutralizing Antibody Titer Test that satisfies the minimal titer standards must also be included.

When you get to Canada, your pet must still be examined by a CFIA veterinarian after approval. Before you cross the border, you must make preparations for the inspection at your port of entry.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests anybody traveling with a cat whose health could be in doubt to bring a certificate of good health from their veterinarian while crossing into Canada. Although there is an additional hurdle to clear, it is still less difficult than a holdup at the border.

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