Questions To Ask When Applying For A Police Certificate

To anything that you do, one thing is a must, you have to make sure that everything is done right, same as when getting a police certificate. Whether you have issues with your police records in Australia or none, you have to make sure that getting it is smooth sailing. Of course, you would not want to end up with troubles, despite the fact that your records in Australia is flawless, just because you did not ask relevant questions about acquiring a police certificate.

Asking relevant questions is important to ensure that you will get your police clearance in a breeze.

To help you get started, here are some of the relevant questions you can ask about getting police certificates.

Relevant Questions You Could Ask From Getting Police Certificate In Australia

Planning to get police certificate in or anywhere else? If so, make sure that all questions are asked to avoid problems while getting them. Make sure though that questions you will ask are relevant to their service to avoid wasting the time of the institutions where you are planning to get it from.

Moving on, below are a few questions to ask:

  • Refund policy

Make sure that you know the refund policy they follow. You would not want to end up paying for a service that you actually do not need or you are not satisfied. But of course, it is your responsibility to know when the refund will get disqualified. Most of the time, this policy is posted on their website for everyone’s visibility. But in the event that this policy is not clear to you, it is best to ask before finally getting this service.

Getting a refund is important especially that this service is not cheap. Anything where you spend your hard earned money to should be sure and verified.

  • Timeline

Another information you need to know is the timeline. When can you get the police certificate, how long is the process in case there are disputes, how long do they need to verify information and so on. Make sure that you are completely aware about the timeline of the service or else, you might end up very problematic as the police certificate you are expecting to arrive within 24 hours, did not arrived as plan, hence your passport application is delayed as well.

  • Requirements

Of course, there are requirements you need to accomplish before getting a certificate, and this you have to confirm to make sure the requirements are prepared when you submit your application.

You would not want your application to get delayed just because you failed to secure one of their requirements. Asking this early on will give you more time to prepare.

  • What are the payment options they have

What payment options do they accept? Do they accept credit card payment, ewallet payment, COD, and the like? Since you are making your transactions online, it is best if you use an option you are most confident and comfortable to use.

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