Reasons behind the Craze For Diamonds Among Women

There is a famous saying that “Diamonds are women’s best friend”. There is a lot of truth to it. Any woman on this Earth would get mesmerized by diamonds. Whether it is in the form of an earring, necklace, pendant, ring, nose-pin, bangles, or anklets, this valuable and beautiful metal is adored by all women.

Let us find out more about what makes them so appealing to a woman.

Unlimited Choices

Venus tears are one of the reputed jewelry stores to buy diamond Singapore. They bring you an exclusive collection of finely crafted diamonds in a large variety of colors, styles, sizes, and designs. They can be in the form of a princess cut or a square cut, in traditional colors like yellow or stunning pink. You are sure to find an endless choice.

Diamonds are the best

There is no stone fancier, and classier than diamonds. It suits all occasions and attires. They standout every other jewelry pieces such as ruby, pearl, gold, silver, platinum and more. By receiving this expensive and precious metal, it shows that the receiver cares for them a lot.

Wearing this stunning jewelry is the best way to feel that you are incredibly special. When she wears the dazzling diamond jewelry, it continually reminds her of how much she is loved and this beautiful stays with her throughout the time she wears it.


Another thing which women love diamonds is their extraordinary sparkle and glitter. This is simply magical and incomparable. There is no other gemstone that radiates so much shine than what a diamond does. As diamonds are built to be long-lasting, this sparkle remains with them and lasts for a longer time.


Diamond jewelry symbolizes the love between companions. It is not just limited to a romantic relationship. It can be the ideal way to celebrate the pure and innocent love between parents and a child, between grandparents and grandchildren, between friends, etc. A lot of pride and love is attached to it. It is a valuable treasure for whoever receives it.


Available in a wide range and styles to suit different occasions, diamond is a style symbol that reflects the personality and taste of a girl. With all these convincing reasons, you must have got clarity about why diamond is so close to the heart of every woman.

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