Rising Star: Steps to Jumpstart Your Music Career

Can you hit Beyonce’s high notes when she sings “Halo” or play Bruno Mars’ music on the guitar? Do your friends always ask you to sing every time you are together? Chances are you have the potential to be a great singer without even realizing it.

Songs are stories filled with melodies. They take us into an unknown world and soothe our senses like nothing else. There’s a song for every mood: rock for fun, romantic for love, or pop beats for dancing. Songs just make moments better.

The Struggles of Becoming a Musician

Everyone enjoys listening to beautiful music, but some people like to create it. It’s a beautiful combination of talent and practice that makes an artist perfect in his craft. Many people must have thought about being a singer in childhood. There are generally two reasons why some people stop trying:

  • They’re afraid to break into saturated industries.
  • Their voice changes when they grow up.

The first point is bitter but true; many singers are out there just waiting to be discovered. But the silver lining is, they all have something unique to offer, just like you. Every person’s experiences are different, and thus, their music. The first step towards building a career in the music industry is to stop comparing yourself with others.

The second point is troubling as it really brings down confidence. Let’s understand why it occurs so that you can prevent it from happening to you.

Why Your Voice Changes While Growing Up

The number one reason behind it is puberty. As you grow up, your body goes through changes, and your voice is one of them. It is bound to happen, and nobody can control it.

What you can do is keep practicing. You have to learn how to tune your voice to different instruments. However, most people who experience difficulty developing this ability love to sing but don’t practice enough. If you’re one of these, it’ll be best to sign up for some singing lessons. Professionals will help you practice better, and you’ll always have your melodious voice no matter what.

Another reason for vocal changes is unhealthy eating habits. If you consume too much alcohol, eat greasy food often, or indulge in soda a lot, your voice will crack. You have to understand that you’re blessed with this beautiful art, and you have to preserve it.

How to Launch Your Music Career

These are some critical points that you must follow to begin a career in the music industry. Don’t take any of this lightly, as it can cost you money and time in the long run.

  • Find a day job if you’re short on cash. It’s imperative that you find a job if you don’t have any savings or financial support. Things generally don’t look up in the beginning. As a creator, this is definitely not the first time you hear this, but the first few months can be tough. You have to make some earnings, so don’t quit because of money.

  • Protect your assets. Once you start creating music, you must treat it as your asset. You own it, and you can sell it. So make it a habit of putting labels and copyrights on your albums. It’s the era of the internet. Once a track gets online, anybody can share it. So understand copyrights or connect with a lawyer to help you with it.

  • Build a team that supports you. Having a team that nurtures and supports you is a blessing in the entertainment industry. There is a lot of work that goes behind the scenes. You can’t possibly do all that alone. Also, there’s always a lot of people to pull you down; it’s always better to have someone who can bring you up.

  • Expand your network in the industry. Networking with people in the industry pays off in the long run. If you build proper connections, you can get invitations to insider parties, events, or even opportunities to perform.

  • Increase your online presence. What you show online becomes the foundation of your career. That’s where people see what you’re capable of. It’s free to upload music online and the amount of ROY you get is amazing. If your song goes viral, nothing can stop you from being successful.

  • Consult a lawyer. Once you start earning money, hire a lawyer. You’ll need someone to look into contracts. Professionals can save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary frauds that come your way at the beginning of your career.

  • Find opportunities to perform live. Play your music and sing live whenever you can. That’s where the audience sees you for what you are and what you stand for. Even Ed Sheeran admitted that he would perform live even when nobody showed up, but look at him now.

The music industry is quite lucrative and glamorous. Also, with the rise of apps like Spotify, even beginners have a huge platform where they can showcase their masterpieces. It’s not wrong that you have to put in a lot of effort and maybe time, but the result is surely fruitful. Remember, continuous practice always beats talent, so don’t stop practicing even after achieving what you want.

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