Should Your Demand Calibration Certificate When Ordering Thread Gauges?

Among the many inspection tools that you would be using in your manufacturing process, you would be using a variety of thread gauges. If you have threaded components in your product, one of the steps in the inspection and quality control testing process is checking the quality of the threaded components by checking the accuracy of the threads. This is where different types of thread gages such as metric thread gauges and NPT thread gauges would be used.

You will be ordering these thread gauges regularly for ongoing inspection processes. After checking a certain number of components or units, the integrity of the thread gauge you use would be compromised due to the wear and tear of the tool. If you have a regular supplier of NPT thread gauge and other types of thread gauges you need, your sourcing process would be smooth. Or else you would be wasting a lot of time screening your suppliers.

Irrespective of whether you are sourcing your thread gauges from the same supplier or from a different supplier each time, you need to make sure you obtain a calibration certificate. It is important that the calibration certificate is issued by a third party testing lab. The calibration certificate is an added assurance that the thread gauge that you order is manufactured accurately as per the specifications. If there are any mismatches, you will be able to find the issues in the calibration process.

Given the fact that thread gauges are inspection tools, they act as the standard measurement for the threaded components you manufacture. There cannot be any flaws in the inspection tool itself. Using a flawed inspection tool will defeat the purpose of inspection. Therefore, you need to have a counter measure to ascertain that the inspection tool could be trusted and it is fit for inspection of threads. This is where you could make use of third party calibration certification.

When you are ordering your thread gauges along with calibration certificate, you need to keep in mind two important factors. Firstly, you need to tell your supplier while placing your order that you need a calibration certificate for the thread gauges that you are ordering. You cannot ask for calibration certificate once the thread gauges are shipped to you because the calibration process needs to be performed on the exact tool that would be sent to you.

Secondly, the calibration certificate should not be issued by the manufacturer but the calibration and certification should be issued by a third party testing lab to ensure the authenticity of the certificate issued.

When ordering your thread gauges along with calibration certificate you need to check whether it involves additional fee for the calibration certificate or whether the cost already covers the calibration certificate. You will find both pricing models and make sure that you have a clear understanding of how your supplier is pricing the service so that you are not in for surprises down the line.

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