The Secret to Identifying Genuine Refer and Earn App in India

Refer and earn apps have become quite popular in India for extra income. The premise is simple – you refer your friends to sign up for a service and both you and your friend get rewarded, usually with cash bonuses. However, with so many refer and earn apps flooding the market, how do you identify which ones are genuine and worth your time? Here are some tips:

1. Focus on Established Apps

Focus on genuine refer and earn app, and MyFIRST Partner stands out as a reliable choice. Being part of IDFC FIRST Bank, a renowned financial institution, ensures credibility and reliability.

2. Read Reviews and Check Ratings

Before signing up, research the app on Play Store and check reviews left by other users. Check the app’s reviews on the Play Store, and you’ll find MyFIRST Partner backed by positive testimonials from users. High ratings indicate a satisfied user base, highlighting the legitimacy of the program.

3. Referral Reward Structure

Check the referral reward structure carefully. Many scam apps promise exaggerated rewards like Rs.500 per referral which is unrealistic. Genuine apps offer modest rewards like Rs.25-100 per successful referral. Also see if there is a referral limit per month as unlimited referrals is improbable.

4. Withdrawals and Payment Proof

Genuine earn money apps make it quick and easy to withdraw your earnings. Payout is into a bank account or via UPI. Withdraw your earnings effortlessly through MyFIRST Partner. With a simple withdrawal process, the app ensures quick and secure transactions. Look for payment proof to confirm that users are consistently receiving their rewards.

5. Company Credentials

Research the company credentials like when it was established, founders, contact details etc. Genuine apps will provide this information transparently while dubious apps have no company details. You can even contact customer support with questions before signing up.

6. App Permissions

When engaging with refer-and-earn apps, be cautious about permissions. While these apps typically request access to your contacts for referral identification, it’s crucial to scrutinize and deny permissions for unrelated data like device media and files. Protect your privacy by carefully reviewing the permissions these apps seek, ensuring they only access information essential for the referral process.


Earning extra income through IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner program is a secure and rewarding endeavor. With the backing of a reputable financial institution, transparent referral structures, and positive user reviews, MyFIRST Partner stands as a trustworthy option for those looking to make extra income through referrals. Join the program, refer friends, and unlock the potential to earn over ₹50,000 per month without any upfront investments. Be part of a legitimate referral program and turn your extra time into extra income with confidence.

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