Things To Count On While Choosing Authentic Insurance Providers

There are a number of features that are important when shopping for insurance, particularly life insurance. One of the first is making a decision of whether to sign up with an insurance company or choose an independent broker.

Brokers vs. agents? What’s the difference?

There are many reliable insurance agents licensed in Canada, and the bigger ones tend to provide a fairly high degree of professionalism and service.

Nevertheless, agents will choose to work with one insurance company that may be good overall but are not right in terms of price or service for everybody.

On the other hand, independent insurance brokers such as Reliable Life Insurance Hamilton Ontario, at My Insurance deal with 12 different insurance companies throughout Canada.

Because Reliable Life Insurance Hamilton Ontario works with multiple companies, they can tailor your life insurance needs with a policy that truly fits your needs rather than tries to pigeon hole you and your family into a policy that either will limit your coverage or, on the other hand, is not flexible to grow as your family grows.

And with multiple policy options, it only makes sense that Reliable Life Insurance Hamilton Ontario can probably find you a cheaper policy as well.

Policies that pay off

Unfortunately, a sad fact about life insurance is that some insurance companies resemble slot machines in Canada’s casinos while you need it. They are happy to take your premiums but slow to pay-out.

Equally important, does your life insurance policy let you quickly borrow against the policy if life changes?

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been forced to borrow against their life insurance policy to make ends meet. Others have sudden, extraordinary medical bills to contend with.

Reliable Life Insurance Hamilton Ontario can ensure that you find a stable policy that will pay off when you need it to ad also find a flexible policy in terms of being able to borrow against.

Great Customer Service

Whether it be life insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, or more, you expect great customer service from not only your local representative but the company as a whole.

Unfortunately, local agents have to play ball with the insurance company’s policies, so while it may look like the local agent has your best interests at heart, they really don’t.

Our company deals only with insurance companies with a stellar reputation, and there is no question when we call the company on your behalf whom we are working for.

When you need help cutting through insurance red-tape, a broker’s agent is best to have on your side.

Better prices

We do all the significant comparison shopping for your the moment you sit down with our independent brokers.

If a price is an issue, we can find you the right coverage at a price you can afford.

Many of the insurance companies we work with understand that a growing family has times

when they need sufficient with the option to upsize their policy when the family is more stable.

Experience in the Insurance Agency

Finally, there is experience. Our company has been in business going on 12 years, and we keep growing each year. Our brokers’ combined experience who spend the day in and day out dealing with people, not in making out company reports, ensures that there is never a time when we are confused or unsure how to handle an insurance situation.

We work for you at all times, and we are local insurance brokers that you can trust.

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