What are the factors to consider before choosing a CFD trading platform?

There are several brokers with various platforms to let you involve in cfd trading South Africa with different features and options. You should consider the following factors while choosing such a CFD trading platform.


Although the CFD market is accessible 24X7 all over the world, it is necessary for the platform to be flexible to accept your trade actions at any time. Also, you should ensure that the platform allows you to trade with multiple trading instruments like stocks and indices, forex currencies, cryptocurrencies, and much more. Hence, the flexibility and offerings of the platform are vital to consider.

User interface

Since you will make every trading action on the platform offered by your broker, you should ensure that you will have a better user interface. Sometimes, there could be some technical issues that will cause errors in the market values displayed to you. There should not be any such issues while using the platform. Also, you should be able to do all the necessary activities without a doubt on the website. Hence, the navigational options should be good.

Educational support

Not all traders will be the masters of CFD. Hence, the brokerage should provide some educational resources along with the platform. Sometimes, you can find a separate section on the platform to learn about the strategies and other happenings in the market. It is better if your broker provides training programs for beginners and experienced traders to diversify their trading activities. Also, these educational contents should be legible and accessible.


Your broker should offer the leverage option to let you go long on any security even if you do not have enough amount in your account. You should also check the margin requirement of the brokerage as it will differ with each broker.

Customer support

If you cannot reach a person from the customer support team of the broker, you will be in trouble frequently. As you will deal only with the platform, a simple issue on the platform will also restrict you from trading. So, you would seek immediate attention from people who are responsible for it. If there is a delay in communication, your experience will be worse. So, you should choose a broker that offers an efficient customer support system.


You are about to put your money into a financial market based on the values and charts you get to see on the platform. These values are prone to change and anything can happen within a matter of seconds. In this case, if the data shown on the platform is wrong or inaccurate with actual market conditions, you will lose huge money at times. All your decisions will become inappropriate for the actual market conditions and you will be in trouble. So, you should make sure that the broker’s platform shows only actual values and data.

Overall simplicity

Also, it will be better if you manage to choose a broker who offers a platform with a simple interface and clear charts.

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