What is the difference between a crane and a boom truck?

When it comes to reaching significant heights in your garden while trimming branches or felling trees, you need to choose between cranes and boom trucks. Reputed tree service providers generally recommend boom trucks for this purpose, as cranes prove to be expensive. Only when you’re left with no other option, the experts take resort to cranes. Whether you need professional support for building or wire clearing, it’s crucial to have the right technology at your disposal.

In this post, you will get to know the differences between a crane and a boom truck.

What are boom trucks?

Using boom trucks, professional tree service providers find it much easier when it comes to felling trees, or clearing buildings or wires. These trucks come with a winch, that can lift heavy loads. It functions like a normal crane, and depending on the capacity, boom trucks can lift weights of different sizes.

Due to its size, boom trucks can lift large loads. The machine is versatile, considering that operators can seamlessly maneuver it at the site. Moreover, it has a loading bucket, capable of lifting the workers to greater heights. This helps them to execute the specified tasks like maintenance work.

Boom trucks can be of different types. In general, the term ‘boom truck’ is applicable synonymously with certain vehicles having similar functions. It encompasses the ordinary utility trucks that can lift workers or establish aerial platforms to work on. Evidently, these trucks may have winch, buckets, wheels, or even tracks.

When do tree service providers use cranes?

The established tree service providers selectively use cranes for larger projects, as it is cost intensive. These machines are ideal to lift heavy objects. Besides, they ensure a greater degree of stability as compared to boom trucks. To move heavy materials, cranes use ropes, chains, cables, and a winder. Besides, professionals use both fixed and mobile cranes, depending on the scope and nature of the project. However, fixed cranes are not much used for felling trees, as they remain in industrial areas.

Cranes are designed to lift greater loads than boom trucks. If the load is further away from the center point, the lifting capacity would be lower. However, one can add counterweights to a certain limit to make them properly functional.

Why do professionals use boom trucks with baskets?

When you have crucial landscaping or lawn maintenance projects, tree service experts use boom trucks with baskets. These baskets provide an aerial platform for two workers, along with their tools. Hydraulic levers for precision movement are attached to the basket. Accordingly, one can control the position of the basket. No wonder, why it is easy to position and maneuver the basket as the workers carry out landscaping projects. This significantly eases up the task when you need to work on branches at greater heights.

Hire professionals for garden maintenance

Having a garden in your backyard, or even a lawn is a matter of pride. It makes sense to keep the greenery in good shape with regular maintenance. As you understand, operating boom trucks and cranes call for professional expertise. This explains why most households hire tree service professionals to enhance the looks of their gardens.

These experts are equipped with the right set of tools. As a result, they can work at greater heights, minimizing risk. Moreover, tree service experts come licensed and insured. In case of any accident or damage to your property, you need not worry about financial compensation. Reach out to one of the established teams for tree service. With timely lawn and garden maintenance, you can amplify the beauty around your home.

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