10 Types of Cleaning Services Cleaners Offer

As a cleaning company, there are several cleaning services you can offer to your clients. You can decide to specialize in one of them or offer more than one.

However, you need to understand every cleaning service to meet your client’s expectations to be successful. Read on and learn about the ten types of cleaning services cleaners can offer.

1.    Basic House Cleaning Services

A cleaner can offer basic house cleaning services to various clients that come your way. The services offered here include cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and lounge.

In addition, the cleaner should mop, vacuum, dust sweep, and polish different surfaces within the house.

2.    Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial services are another type of cleaning service your cleaners can offer. These services mainly deal with the maintenance and cleanliness of office or industrial spaces.

It requires better cleaning equipment as these are services most people require once in a while. The cleaner should be able to do things like changing bulbs, repairing broken doors, and help in trash management.

3.    Laundry and Dry Cleaning

As a company, your cleaners should be able to dry clean, which requires specialized cleaning detergents. They should also wash clothes and fold them for your clients.

You can have more than one cleaner offering these services if the work is much and involving.

4.    Deep Cleaning

A customer who hasn’t worked with a professional cleaner for some time needs to request deep cleaning services. It involves a thorough cleaning of the cabinets, upholstery, and ceiling fans. Deep cleaning is more involving than basic cleaning services.

5.    Sanitization Cleaning Services

Your company’s cleaners should also be able to offer sanitization services. Sanitization can be done in the office, or residential home, depending on your client’s wish.

The demand for sanitization services rose after the pandemic as most people are trying to make their space bacteria and virus-free.

6.    Pressure Cleaning

Cleaners can also do pressure cleaning, which involves the use of jet washers. These machines produce pressurized water to clean dirty surfaces.

For example, a cleaner can use a jet washer to remove paint, mold in buildings and clean the roof or carpets. Washing muddy vehicles is also part of the services a cleaner can do.

7.    Window Cleaning

The work of cleaners here will be to clean the windows in an office or organization only. As a company, you can do both residential and commercial window cleaning or specialize in one. Additionally, your cleaners can offer add-on cleaning services like gutter cleaning.

8.    Office Cleaning

Cleaners can clean various workplaces you’re contracted to do. Cleaning an office involves washing the kitchen, washrooms, and reception, and cubicles. The cleaner will have to mop, dust, and remove waste from these spaces.

9.    Blind Cleaning Services

Cleaning the blinds will also make your cleaners earn good money. Most of the time, blinds get to have dust buildup but require special cleaning services. These are servicing a cleaner can do with the help of the right equipment.

10.  Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaners should also offer carpet cleaning services to their clients. But this depends on the type of carpet to be cleaned and the nature of stains in them. For example, there is steam cleaning, odor removal, or stain removal services from carpets.

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