3 Ways the Data Analyst Can Help Businesses Thrive

Data analytics have become an integral part of the modern business. Here are three ways they could be driving change, growth, and ROI in your company.

Is your company stuck in a rut? Are you unsure of how to achieve more in your field? In some cases, new product innovations and research just aren’t enough to perk up an old idea. Instead, you need to turn to the way we work with data to progress growth and change. Data analytics holds the key to discovering more about the customer journey than ever before, but if you’re not using it, you are missing out.

Instead of stagnating, try investing in a data analyst, instead. You can hire one directly or bring in a consultant firm to make better business sense of your collated data. Here are three ways they can bring better change to your business almost overnight.

The 3 Best Ways a Data Analyst Improves Your Business

Wondering if a business or data analyst would have any impact on your firm? Here are three top ways things might change if you have them around.

1 – Product Personalisation

We all know that consumers love personalised products. Product personalisation impacts customer loyalty and helps define your brand. Data analysts look at the consumer information your company has amassed and dissects it for a better understanding of the consumer persona. This leads to tighter targeting in your digital marketing spend, which widens your sales funnel and brings in more traffic.

2 – Increase Ad Returns

Since the data analyst can improve your understanding of your target market, they elevate your ad spending returns. They can discern what worked and what didn’t work according to statistics held on past ad campaigns. This allows streamlining of adverts themselves into a more agreeable format.

3 – Risk Assessment

Using data analytics, technicians can spot potential future risks before they happen. We can only make arrangement to mitigate anticipated risks. When dealing with large scale investments or procurements, being able to foresee high stakes risks is a superpower.

What qualifications or experience are beneficial to my applications for data analyst jobs?

As a data analyst, you need good analytical and problem solving abilities. You should be able to understand and process data into visualisations, charts, and graphs that others can more easily interpret. You should have a working knowledge of data models, excellent communication skills, and the ability to project manage.

Data analysts should have a degree in computing or software development. The more software systems you understand, the better your chances of landing a role.

How Much do Data Analysts Earn?

If you retrain as a data analyst, you could expect to earn up between £40,000 and £50,000 every year. In the USA, that figure might rise as high as $80,000, if you are at the top level of your career. As an employer, you can offset this cost with the increase in production, value, and time-saving they could earn you.

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