5 Important Reasons Teens Should Arrange An OBGYN Visit

Many people avoid visiting the doctor in general. Therefore, it is unsurprising that most women are not too eager to make that yearly trip to their gynecologist. However, a wellness check with Mina K. Sinacori, MD, MPH, FACOG is important to ensure no underlying sexual or reproductive issues exist.

The general recommendation for teen girls is to visit a gynecologist in their early teenage years, regardless of whether they have periods or are sexually active. While this age might seem young, and you might dismiss this appointment, there are numerous reasons to consider. Continue reading to learn more.

  1. They Require General Information

Once your child reaches their teenage years, they will start identifying themselves and noticing numerous body changes. During this period, girls will start having periods, noticing pubic hair, and feeling like they are growing into womanhood. Numerous kids during this age might feel uncomfortable and might develop self-esteem concerns.

Although some parents are open enough to explain to them about periods and contraceptives, others will avoid such topics. Teenagers deserve professional information on these concerns other than the hearsay they obtain from their peers. With an OBGYN, they can be honest about their issues, and receive the necessary answers.

  1. Understand Menstrual Concerns

Some teenage girls experience complications when they begin noticing their menstrual periods. These concerns include heavy bleeding, pain, prolonged bleeding, irregular periods, discharge, and more. All these issues could mess up the girl’s well-being and even affect their fertility when they are ready to have children.

The teen should see an OBGYN as soon as possible to address these concerns. Your daughter does not have to hear all the myths surrounding menstrual cycles and hormones. An OBGYN will help them understand their menstrual process and identity if something is amiss early on.

  1. Learn About Sexuality and Relationships

Even if your daughter appears innocent about relationship matters, it is crucial to begin those conversations. A girl that does not feel comfortable discussing sexual matters with her parents can open up to an OBGYN. The OBGYN can discuss responsible sexual activity and the appropriate time to enter an intimate relationship.

The OBGYN can educate your child about maintaining a healthy relationship, and what it means to be in a consensual relationship. If necessary, the doctor can also discuss sexuality matters with the young girls. Your daughter will also learn about how the reproductive system functions.

  1. Understand Pregnancy Information

Your teenagers might be several years from having their first kids. Nonetheless, these girls should learn about pregnancy at this tender age. Teenage girls should understand that they can get pregnant once they begin having sexual encounters.

Teen girls should understand that they are fertile enough to become pregnant. However, they are not mature enough to raise a baby. For this reason, the OBGYN can advise them appropriately on when is the right time to have intimate relationships, and, if they already have them, how to protect themselves from pregnancy.

  1. Learn About Sexually Transmitted Guidelines

Another element of being sexually active entails understanding the existence of sexually transmitted diseases. An OBGYN visit will help teenagers understand the different STDs. It is also important they learn about the dangers of these infections.

The OBGYN should offer instructions about how they should protect themselves. Teen girls should also understand the importance of having regular STD screenings if they are sexually active. These screenings are necessary even without experiencing symptoms.

Parents of teenage girls should be watchful of their children. If you have any concerns about your kid’s development, arrange an OBGYN visit immediately. It is important to let the teenager understand the changes occurring in her body.

Besides, these OBGYN visits act as wellness checks, which the doctor can use to identify any warning signs of concern and take measures to avoid future issues. These providers create a confidential and comfortable environment to allow young girls to express themselves. Therefore, teens should not feel ashamed of discussing anything with their OBGYN.

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