Best Technical Analysis Strategies for Newbies

Most of the Forex investors analyze the market based on fundamental analysis such as the global economy, political turmoil, and industry trends. But the reflection of the fundamental change cannotbe found in the market always. To fill this gap, technical analysis can work as a prediction method to know the possible pricing movements. It uses historical data based on price and volume, the resistance and support level, ups and downs of a trend, etc. to get the possible future image of the market.

Navigating the gap between the market price and intrinsic value based on behavioral economics and statistical data, experts can discover new leveraging techniques. Most of the Forex traders use both fundamental and technical analyses to get the best result, but here we will show the best methods of technical analysis for newbies.

Approaches for Forex technical analysis

There mainly two approaches regarding technical study and those are the top-down approach and the bottom-down approach. The top-down approach is taken by short-term investors, and the bottom-up approach is executed by the long-term traders. Experts have found five primary steps to begin the analysis and suggest maintaining these effectively. Those who intend to become a top trader in the ETF industry, must know this factor and trade the market with premium brokers like Saxo markets. Having strong skills but low end platform will ruin your technical analysis process.


In the top-down approach, the overall economic condition is focused on before analyzing the currency pairs, and this is also called macroeconomic analysis. In this method, an investor concentrates on the sectors at first and then on the trades. In this study, short term achievement is focused, and investors may be eager to buy financial instruments based on the moving average.


This approach is opposite to the macroeconomic view, and it is involved analyzing the currency pairs fundamentally based on exit points and entry points. An investor can get an undervalued currency pair in a downtrend and do the analysis to find out a certain entry point. Experts in Singapore hold trades for a long time by providing value to their decisions.

Different types of traders use different types of technical analyses. For instance, a day trader can use volumes and trendlines to make his decision; a position or swing trader may build his strategy based on the indicators and graphs. Sometimes businessmen use automated algorithms to find out the variations in their analysis.

Developing a trading system

In technical analysis, one must find out a strategy or develop a trading system that will be totally customized to make important trading decisions. For instance, a beginner may determine to make a decision based on moving average cross-over strategy, and for this, he may track moving averages of 50 days and 200 days for a specific currency pair.

Identifying trades

Not all trade can bring profit, but some are worthy of buying. Technical analysis helps to find out the liquidity and the volatility of the currency pair and find out the right trades. Different contracts can also help use different parameters based on different currencies.

Finding the right brokerage

Finding the right brokerage can help to a greater extent by providing the necessary software for technical study. The professional brokerage offers tracking and monitoring facilities with many indicators and keeps the cost low.

Lower cost option

Additional tools and features help to maximize the trading performance, and some traders also get the mobile alert facility at the lowest cost and also find different functionalities that can be helpful to reduce the cost of trading to a great extent.

Many businessmen use both technical and fundamental analysis, but according to experts, successful research depends on the combination of these two analyses. Beginners should use demo accounts to implement the result of both research so that they can avoid their potential loss in real trading account later.

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