In most online casinos there are two types of bonuses, deposit and non-deposit bonuses. These are just some of the ways which casinos use to increase their customer base and to make it inviting for more people to start playing.


As most people correctly assume, online gambling requires people to spend their actual money. But a lot of online casinos offer new players bonus cash to play with even if the players have not deposited any money. This way more people will be willing to try something in which they are losing their own money. How do casinos not lose money this way? Because the popular saying, “the only winner is the house” is correct, statistically more people will eventually lose their money as compared to people who will win and therefore most of these bonuses go back straight to the house.


On top of the non-deposit bonuses a lot of online gambling places offer deposit bonuses as well like True Blue casino deposit bonus. How this work is that once players deposit any money in their account the casino would offer some additional cash on top of the money deposited as a reward for players to keep playing. A lot of places offer 100% deposit bonuses, for example if some person deposits 100$ in their account the casino would add another 100$ on top of it, so now the player would have 200$ to play with. The profit scenario works the same way non-deposit bonuses work, most of these bonuses go straight back to the house. Most of the casinos have limits on the deposit bonus they will provide, otherwise someone depositing 100,000$ would make 200,000$ and simply cash out and leave.


Apart from simply giving extra cash to the players to play with, online casinos use a plethora of other ways of enticing customers, sometimes casinos give timed promotions, these will usually involve a code which the player has to enter within a certain time frame otherwise the offer will expire. On top of these free spins are also given to be used usually in lotteries. Lotteries do generate the most amount of revenue for these casinos and they have to take care of the people who might not be interested in card games like poker or blackjack. There are also wager requirements present on a lot of these sites. A wager requirement would ask the players to gamble their deposit plus bonuses a certain number of time before they can withdraw any money. Therefore, it is important for players to read everything extremely carefully on any of these sites before they start playing. Some wager requirements stipulate that a player would have to bet their deposit plus bonus at least 10 times before they can make a withdrawal.

Online casinos do offer a lot of fun for both serious and fun players, but a lot of times it can also get confusion for people who are no familiar with the gambling jargon.

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