Best Ways to Use Bluestone Pavers for Decorating Your Home Landscape 

Bluestone has been synonymous with the most popular paving products in Oz for over a century now.

Following the recent rise in Victorian basalt popularity, this natural stone has become a hot pick among Australian homeowners. It’s cool colours and incredibly dense character makes it ideal for eye-catching garden paths, driveways, and stepping stones.

The latest landscaping trends reveal that bluestone pavers will replace high-maintenance grass and water features as decorative solutions for the scorching Oz heat. Here are some of the fantastic ways to use this naturally beautiful grey-blue stone pavers for increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home landscape.

Grey-blue Hue Pathway

These pavers are the best option for pathways around your home, beautifully filling the void between your driveway and the front door.

The grey-blue hues work well with lush green foliage and present a different dimension to the overlaid gravel, adding a pop of colour, once mixed with brick.

A Bluestone Patio

With the rising Oz temperature, you need a cool patio that blends well with your indoors. The bluestone pavers allow you to create a large deck for outdoor living even in summers, thanks to their cool colours and durability.

Once installed with professional help, rest assured you will have a stunning patio for years to come. The best part is, even if there are unforeseen damages, these pavers are easily replaceable without disturbing your outdoor ambience.

Creative Stepping Stones

Laying stepping stones is a prolific way to add a natural look to your landscape.

When you have a raised deck, creating steps with this exquisite paver option is an excellent way to use the space to your advantage.

Moreover, stepping stones can be significant augments if you have a water feature, complimenting any water plants that you might wish to add to your landscape.

Choosing the right colours and stepping stone patterns not only make the basalt pavers breathtaking but also long-lasting in the varying Oz weather conditions.

To enhance the natural look, allow grass to grow around the steps.

A Petite Fencing Wall

An innovative way to use these grey-blue pavers to decorate your landscape is by creating a small fence around your plants, giving them a distinct character. Besides, laying pavers is a well-crafted and effortless way to define your garden and entertainment zones delicately.

You could also stack large blocks of bluestone on top of each other. Rest assured, the sturdy wall won’t collapse.

Whether you have a traditional Aussie garden or a vibrant coloured Asian-themed layout, these pavers with soothing hues and texture are a perfect match.

Attractive Accents

You could use these versatile pavers to build an archway on sidewalks’ ends for a louder theme. Lush green trees and small bushes charmingly complement these stone archways.

You could create eye-catching pot holders for your potted plants on the deck, enhancing their natural appeal. Scattering this natural stone randomly through your garden area is another stylish way to accentuate your landscape’s aesthetics by manifolds.

Bluestone adds a dark and dense appeal to pavers, alluring those who wish for a contemporary feel in their landscape, without disturbing its green lusciousness. Review your available space and outdoor elements you want to highlight.

Consult a specialist to augment the best quality bluestone pavers in your landscape and splendidly enhance your living space’s tone.

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