Circumstances for hiring a divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City

In Utah, you have both options for divorce – Fault-based and no-fault. Ideally, every couple should try to go for an uncontested, no-fault divorce, so that complications can be minimized. This brings us to an important question – When should you consider hiring a divorce attorney? In this post, we are reviewing some of the common circumstances for engaging a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer

  1. When your spouse has hired one. If your spouse has hired a lawyer, it is a clear indicator that they are seeking legal advice, and you should do the same. This will also ensure that you don’t look shorthanded when it comes to negotiations. 
  2. When there is a minor child involved. A couple may have many reasons to fight out and seek a divorce, but the welfare of the child(ren) should always be a top priority. For that, separating parents need to discuss all aspects, such as child support, visitation rights, and child custody, in depth. You need to hire a lawyer, if you cannot decide on these points on your own, or need sound and unbiased advice on how to proceed further. 
  3. When there is considerable property involved. While marital assets must be divided equitably, circumstances surrounding a divorce may vary. For instance, you may have inherited a lot of your family property after your marriage. Or there are loans that you had taken in interest of your marriage. For such situations, you need a divorce lawyer, who can guide further.
  4. When there is a history of violence. In case of fault-based divorce, where physical harm and cruelty have been cited as grounds, you have to get a lawyer on your side. Sometimes, when there is fear of harm, a lawyer can guide you on the right steps. 
  5. When you want to know your options. Even when you agree with your spouse on most aspects of the divorce, you need to know your rights and things you are entitled to. While this may not seem like an urgency, but hiring a lawyer right after deciding on divorce can be really handy in minimizing the issues. 

Most divorce lawyers in Salt Lake City work on an hourly fee. If you have found an experienced and known lawyer, do not hesitate in paying the fee. Make sure that the same lawyer is going to work on your case, not an associate or junior. 

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